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Production Core4 radial mount bracket proved out:

NOT ONLY FOR DEFSPORT 2-PIECE ROTOR KIT...One of the best things about this bracket is that it can also run off-the-shelf Z33 track rotors (12.8" x 1.18") with the simple use of shims/spacers. You can get Centric Ctek Z33 track rotors for $30 a piece! Not sure you can get a cheaper, more effective big brake upgrade out there without worrying about chucking rotors after a few events.

Z33 track rotor with Core4 radial mount bracket:

Group buy coming shortly


Started working on grafting the 05 Dodge Ram hood bulge on the S14 hood. I don't want to get ahead of myself here, but it's laying up on the S14 hood REALLY nicely. Better than expected. It should definitely provide adequate clearance for the VQ IM with a 1/2" manifold spacer and the friggin hood should finally sit flush and not ghetto raised.

Here's the first cutout and lay up:

More to come shortly.
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