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Old 05-19-2017, 12:50 AM
e1_griego e1_griego is online now
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I ran contano hubs on the front of my hatch for ~10k street miles with no problem. With the chinese stuff I'm always prepared to have to replace the wheel bearings but I never had a problem as long as I ran them.

For the rear I personally trust old/used s14/z32 hubs more than alibaba, but if you can't find them I'm sure they'll be fine.
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Old 05-22-2017, 12:05 PM
gills gills is online now
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I've actually run the ichiba 5 lug conversion hubs with bearings supplied (supposedly OEM) on my S13 endurance race car. Had about 30 hours of racing on them. They are still good and now onto a new owner.

The only issue was that the bearing wasn't pressed in all the way so when I first installed them the hub would barely spin. Took it off, put it in a press real quick and they worked.
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Old 06-16-2017, 08:28 AM
beasleysteven beasleysteven is offline
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I am running the ISR Brand conversion hubs on the Front from FRSport on my S13 Endurance Race car and have had no issues in approx 48 hours of Racing/Track days. On the Rear i am running stock S14 OE hubs that I got used off a buddy. I am carrying a extra set of the front hubs though with me to the track just because i know I can't run to the parts house and grab a set of those.
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