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Old 12-20-2017, 03:33 PM
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Wanted to updated this thread incase someone else is considering a similar setup. Also looking for feedback on cams!

I ended up going with the 7163 TS setup from fullrace.
I don't think there is really a "wrong" choice here, and mostly comes down to personal preference.

My thought process was to get a turbo setup that I would never really want to upgrade. This seemed like a good 350whp option that is 500whp capable if I want to do that.

It also seems like it will be the most responsive compare to the T25 6758 or
GTX2867. This is important to me on a fun street/track car.
It will also be the easiest to install (all bolt in!) and probably be very reliable.

I went with the AEM setup for the ecu for the added fail safes and because it will be fun playing with the bells and whistles that the Infinity offers. Nistune would have probably been fine but this was just personal preference.

Plan is to get the ecu and turbo on my current motor and get everything setup/running properly at a conservative boost level (12-14psi) then when I want more power I can do the motor build on the side (possibly go with a VE head) Due to time constraints I don't think I will be able to do the build until mid/end of next year.

What would be a good cam for this setup on an other size stock S14 SR20 (stock intake mainfold/throttle body)?
I have narrowed it down to Tomie Pon cam, JWT S3HL (thats what JWT recommended), or JWT S4.

Here is duration/lift info. for a few cams for reference.

Cam - Duration - Lift (in) - Lift (mm)
JWT S4 HL - 266 - 0.484 - 12.3
JWT S3 HL - 260 - 0.457 - 11.6
JWT S3 - 260 - 0.442 - 11.2
JWT S4 - 266 - 0.464 - 11.8
Tomie Pon - 256 - 0.453 - 11.5
JWT C1 - 264 - 0.476 - 12.1
JWT C2 - 275 - 0.5 - 12.7
OEM - 240 - 0.362 - 9.2
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Old 12-20-2017, 05:31 PM
RalliartRsX RalliartRsX is online now
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S4 all the way. Although I heard good things on the C1 but havent personally tested (but require springs and retainers)
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Old 12-20-2017, 05:53 PM
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IMO, the JWT stuff doesn't buy you enough of a benefit over the Tomei stuff for the power.

If you want drop in, a 256/256 Poncam will give you a good balanced low end to mid/upper RPM boost. A 260 Procam will give you a bit more up top. I think my rough pricing is like $360ish for Tomei SR cams last I checked, which is like $200ish less than JWT cams.

If you want more flow, just go VE head with the extra money IMO.
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