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Old 01-23-2018, 08:48 AM
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I did some real world testing with an s13 subframe and adjustable length arms. That was trial and error, and i had access to a lift for a whole day so it helped

The idea was to measure ride height, lift the car, remove wheels, coilovers & arbs, then use a workshop hydraulic gearbox lifter to move the suspension up and down 1/4inch by 1/4inch.
I fitted a magnetic laser level on top of the wheel studs (5stud conversion) with a heavy nut hanging from the opposite 5th, so i would not get annoyed by the rotating knuckle effect. The laser pointed to a paper sheet that was glued in the wheel arch. For every up / down position, i checked the level and corrected when necessary, fire up the laser, then mark on the paper where it did hit. I then played with the traction and RUCA rod length until i got nearly no toe change for most of the travel, no binding, and enough camber. I got it to toe in slightly on full compression, which helps the car on fast corners and acceleration.

The car is lowered maybe 2 or 3", it is not slammed as i want suspension travel.

Something interesting was that whatever i did, i could not have more camber than -1.5 (i.e: i wanted -1 as it was enough but it was not possible). if i did that AND wanted the toe curve to be set correctly/neutral, either or both bushings in the RUCA and traction rod (on the knuckle) bind. When that happens it kinds of toe out before locking the suspension, meaning the car goes all over the place.

The problem is amplified with ball/rose joints in the knuckle, as it limits even more their usable angle. Fortunately using the S14 subframe allows more adjustment.

On your simulation, can you limit these ball joint angles ? This should avoid some troubles with impossible positions.
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