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Originally Posted by cozzmo View Post
Rears are in ... nice and smooth.

Received my Pin Wrench, still can't get the damper rod to unscrew from the cap in the front inserts. Must be thread locked in there.. most annoying. I don't want to mess up the allen key bit.
The rod threads have loctite on them. I had to double nut the threads and use a flat wrench and an allen wrench together to get it unscrewed. Have faith, you can do it!

When I installed the 3kgt inserts into my Buddy Club housings the insert was only supported by one of the two sliders because the Bilstein rod was longer. I had to drive in an extra bushing so the shock was supported at full droop.

Here's a source for new slider bushings;

These guys are in Canada and the US. If you can't source through them you may find another source by searching for slide/slider bushings or bearings.

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