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Default N15 Pulsar SSS / B14 SE-R Bilsteins

Hi all,

I've got an Australian N15 Pulsar SSS which is the equivalent (chassis & drivetrain wise) to the B14 SE-R. Its got a few mods with the motor and gearbox and a few suspension bits, but its pretty much a daily now, i just like playing around with different suspension.

Just got my bilsteins and i'm wondering a couple of things.

Front, got the 3000GT inserts, probably a bit firm for this car, but like usual, i'm just going to give it a shot, see how it goes.

I have a set of Ohlins struts which had some Koni Reds in them, pulled the reds out and low and behold, the Bilstein damper (without the yellow body) slides straight in. The Linear bushings inside the Ohlins body are worn (i can feel a little play) so i'm looking to replace them, maybe even swap out the linear bushing from the Bilstein insert body if i can figure out how to pull them out without damage (which doesn't look easy...)

I tried to undo the rod from the cap at the bottom of the insert, but ended up the cap just started to turn. Are they locked in with some thread lock or are they just REALLY tight? I don't want to mess up the allen key hex so i figured i'd ask what you guys have done to pull the damper out of the insert body.

I'm going to get a pin wrench so i can hold the cap tight, but i don't really want to mess it all up.
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