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Default 2011 NASA Championships

The NASA Championships were a blast and I managed to get third place with a 1:37.2. TTB had very competitive cars and tight times aside from the 1st place C5 Vette (1:35.8), which beat 2nd (E36 M3 - 1:36.8) by a full second. 2nd through 6th were separated by 0.9secs. Of course the event was not w/o weather drama and issues with the car.

Video from first session on Thursday, which was the first day of the event. Oh the fun in the damp! Watch 1:32 and 4:22.

The below Vimeo video wasn't my fastest lap but I only took video one session because of the probs I was having with the car and spent a lot of time in Tech (passed all seven times!). I was allowed to be 2515lbs but could only get the car down to 2560lbs before the event.

At the beginning of the second lap the starter totally dies and is engaged. You can hear the motor being pulled down due to the starter load in the carousel and keyhole.

The car needs some work (lower weight and more pwr - my weight/pwr ratio was 11.9 and the Vette and M3 were ~10.5; limit for class is 10.25) for next yr but overall a great event! Next yr the car will be allowed to weigh 2470lbs!


NASA Time Trials TT3

BTW I work for Garrett

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