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    Toe plates give two repeatable notches to place the tape measures into and pull against with a set amount of force (while pushing the near side plate against the wheel/tire with your foot). Then you look down and read the tape measures right inline with the plate.

    It's very repeatable and easy to use. Worth the ~$60-70 they cost IMO.
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      Gotcha, I didn't think about the repeatable notches part. That makes a lot of sense.


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        Going off of what Def talked about and using a laser level to align the thrust angle of the rear end, I 3D printed some aides based on the center cap threads on my rims. I've never had the center caps anyways so now these threads can finally earn their keep.

        The threads measured out to a M60x2.0mm thread. This thread size was plenty big enough to print on my printer. The initial design I had didn't include the half revolved cone shape and consequently immediately snapped when I tried to screw it on for the first time.

        The beauty shots:

        The part. (You are all witnessing the start of my career as a hand model. Screw engineering :P)

        The part installed. (Ft. extended wheel studs)

        With the laser level on it. I'm reprinting the part to have a longer cylindrical section to better register the level against.

        Laserzzz. I've basically 3D printed a hunter alignment rack.

        Edit: I'm officially a "member" now. Ha.


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          Due to the rt.trackpro adapter I ran on the Z32 knucles I had to reduce the length of the lower coilover mounts so they wouldn't interfere with my RUCA's. Enter fun times on a lathe.

          I parted off about an inch off the top of the mount. Gave me plenty of clearance.

          Where do y'all measure ride height from? I seemed to remember someone talking about measuring the angle of the toe arm but I couldn't find the post again when I looked. Edit: It was my own thread lol.