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1989 S13 Coupe - Aluminum 5.3L/T56 Autocross/HPDE

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  • 1989 S13 Coupe - Aluminum 5.3L/T56 Autocross/HPDE

    Hello NRR! Been trying to register here off and on for a number of years (Got my first 240SX in 2012) but it never let me in until today.

    I've had this car since 2015, it was a stanced out DOHC KA24 swapped cruiser, but it was in reasonable shape. I swapped a LM7 (iron 5.3L) and NV3500 5 speed transmission into it in late 2015, and recently upgraded to a L33 aluminum 5.3L and a T56 6 speed. I am running AceInHole's old 86 series DA Konis and GC coilovers, and I'm currently prepping the car for XP as my wife wants to start racing it more seriously. It's got a R33 rear subframe with a Nismo CLSD, 5 bolt axles, GTST rear brakes and Z32 TT front brakes. It's running 5x4.75 adapters right now but I will probably get back to running 5x4.5 wheels as the prep level goes up.

    It is street legal and I'd like to keep it that way, but I will be looking to shed some serious weight as we start to race it more seriously.

    Most of the 240SX sites are completely bogus, this place seems nice

    - Mat
    Mat #67 - '89 5.3L (L33/T56) 240SX Coupe [XP] - '00 C5 Z51 [BS] - '02 E46 Touring - '17 Z125

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    Yeah, reg. was broken until a few weeks ago.

    Obv. recognize you from the sandbox



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      Sup griego - they finally let me in to be with the fellow Datsun nerds!
      Mat #67 - '89 5.3L (L33/T56) 240SX Coupe [XP] - '00 C5 Z51 [BS] - '02 E46 Touring - '17 Z125


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        Ugh........there goes the neighborhood!



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          I'm personally partial to skittles but I'd never turn down cupcakes.
          Mat #67 - '89 5.3L (L33/T56) 240SX Coupe [XP] - '00 C5 Z51 [BS] - '02 E46 Touring - '17 Z125


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            Great to see you here! Post lots, it's a great site but needs traffic.
            ~1992 240SX, SR20/Koni track day car
            ~2016 M3, daily driver


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              Originally posted by FlatBlack View Post
              I'm personally partial to skittles but I'd never turn down cupcakes.
              The answer is "Both"!!!!

              Don Johnson (really!)
              Just so you know.


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                I've been building a coupe of the same exact color for autocross as well, except in SM and I turbo'd the KA.


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                  Hi all you SBX people

                  Awesome to hear about another AutoX S13. This should be at Nats next year in XPL!

                  I've got a build thread going on LS1tech but I will try to make one here by consolidating it and focusing on the suspension stuff.
                  Mat #67 - '89 5.3L (L33/T56) 240SX Coupe [XP] - '00 C5 Z51 [BS] - '02 E46 Touring - '17 Z125


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                    Here's the LS1tech Build thread for all the nitty gritty deets >

                    Relevant modifications:

                    * L33 (24x aluminum 5.3L with Gen IV rotating assembly) with OEM LS1 cam, 799 heads, LS6 valve springs, LS6 intake, DBW Flex Fuel ECU, harness and injectors, LC-2 WB, billet fuel rail
                    * C5 crank balancer, Camaro water pump, 90s truck alternator
                    * S13 SR20 Koyorad
                    * DIY 2.5" Y-pipe going a 3" ebay fart cannon axle back
                    * T56 trans with Hurst short throw
                    * 12# Fidanza, stock Camaro clutch
                    * Hooker LSx swap parts, baffled Canton GTO oil pan
                    * Locally built 3" aluminum driveshaft
                    * EPS (Saturn Vue motor) conversion - super awesome and I highly recommend
                    * R33 GTS-T rear subframe with solid conversion "bushings"
                    * All stock R33 running gear (5 lug hubs, e-brake cables, 5-bolt axles)
                    * Z32 aluminum knuckles (rear)
                    * Voodoo13 RUCAs
                    * Short nose R200 Nismo CLSD with 4.08 gears. I'd like to run the Q45 3.69 ring gear at some point
                    * 5 bolt front hubs, Z32 TT calipers and MC
                    * NRR Vielside strut housings with 86 series shocks and GC sleeves
                    * SPL front T/C rods
                    * 5x4.5 to 5x4.75 adapters (I have an embarassing amount of Corvette wheels)
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                    Mat #67 - '89 5.3L (L33/T56) 240SX Coupe [XP] - '00 C5 Z51 [BS] - '02 E46 Touring - '17 Z125


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                      First 300ZX to break 500whp on the Stock Turbo/Stock Long Block, boost only, no meth.
                      Currently building sub-2800# 300zx Twin BW 6258 EFR, AMB Aero, TA-U & Road Race Car.


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                        Autocrossed the S13 for the first time with the new engine. I thought it drove great on the street but ehhhh - not so good on course.

                        The DBW throttle pedal (a shortened truck pedal) is way way way too stiff. It wasn't a problem with the old engine and stock flywheel but the new engine and Fidanza revs much faster. The power application is much too abrupt with the stiff pedal so I am going to try and loosen the spring or something. I think its time to get the Sparco installed as well, my wife and I are pretty skinny and we were getting tossed around this weekend.

                        The course didn't feel very bumpy in my C5 but it did in the 240SX. I might need to play with the shock settings too but I'm going to wait until I fix the driveability stuff first.

                        Mat #67 - '89 5.3L (L33/T56) 240SX Coupe [XP] - '00 C5 Z51 [BS] - '02 E46 Touring - '17 Z125


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                          ^^^ RE: above post, I fixed the throttle pedal, it's much better now.

                          I love installing fun parts. Got some VooDoo13 billet RUCAs, Z32 aluminum knuckles and I'm using ResponseType brackets to use my S13 strut housing with them. The brackets are also supposed to eliminate the bind that happens when using Z32 lower perches on the S13 housings. As a nice added bonus with the RT bracket - I was topped out on the spring collars, so the extra height actually gives me some options for a wider/taller wheel if I need it.

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                          Mat #67 - '89 5.3L (L33/T56) 240SX Coupe [XP] - '00 C5 Z51 [BS] - '02 E46 Touring - '17 Z125