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  • Hster time attack journal

    I started a build thread on zilvia but figured there are more track (non-drift) oriented crowd here.

    My project is not as intense as some of the threads here but nonetheless, it's my pride and joy

    I'll post what I learn throughout my journey


    I will keep this super simple.

    I'm basically on a journey to build a reliable/fun street class time attack car.

    First goal is to beat my track times set with a e46 m3 using same tires : Hankook RS3 255/40/17

    SOW 1:27.1
    BW 13 2:04.1

    YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.


    April 2015
    shell purchased

    May 2015
    Engine in

    May 2015
    First drive to gas station. (always nice )

    Sep. 2015
    worked on F/R suspension
    Added front mount intercooler/ front bumper

    Sep. 2015
    Rattle can paint :facepalm:

    Oct. 2015
    Couldn't stand the rattle canned bumper. Couple of friends helped me paint for first time. looks half way decent

    Oct. 2015
    Went to adams motorsports parkway several times to shake down the car.
    got decent time. running stock s13 sr engine with Hankook Rs3 255/40/17 and megans track coilover

    Nov. 2015
    Went to adams on drift night because I really wanted to crack my bumper. :facepalm:
    That's probably the first and last time I will drift with this car..

    Jan. 2016
    Found out stock head gasket was bad.
    upgraded to t28/ 555cc/ JWT Ecu

    Mar. 2016
    Upgraded coilover

    Mar. 2016
    Along with t28, I wanted to keep myself safe at the track. Notice I have a bat dog with laser eyes. very rare breed.

    Apr. 2016
    Keeping earth greener : magnaflow 100 cell

    May 2016
    Wanted more traction in the rear : s14 subframe, carbonetics 1.5w

    May. 2016
    Vented hood. Apr spoiler

    YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    May. 2016
    Went to SOW. I expected little better time but I found whole lot of issues that needs to be worked on.

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    June. 2016

    Biggest thing I wanted to fix was corner exit oversteer and excessive roll.

    I bought some whiteline sway bars to install before the next track event, but did not received them in time.

    June. 2016 Auto Club Speedway (ACS) Roval

    The day started fine but after revving high on that bank, oil started shooting out from valve cover. I think the ebay catch can I have was too restrictive.

    three downpipe bolts decided to shoot out after continuous heating/cooling/vibration. had to tow the car home :-/

    YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    Best time of the day was 2:03.8.

    Still have a lot to improve. hopefully I can get my sway bar/ oil catch can in by next track day.


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      Aug. 2016

      Getting ready for ACS Roval (California Speedway) 8/13/2016

      Changed water pump pulley

      Added stock oil separator to see how much better it is. If this doesn't do much, I'm gonna have to modify the valve cover

      Added whiteline sway bar on the front.
      When I installed both whiteline fr/rr, car oversteered just as before.
      I ended up with 27mm front and 15mm on the rear. Hopefully this setup works better.

      Is anyone else going? I think there is nissan challenge this weekend.


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        I went back out to ACS only to find more trouble.

        First session after warm up lap, my intercooler hose blew. No big deal, just clamp it down tighter and go out on the next session.

        Session 2: as I finish my lap 1, car started to lose power. I look at the temp gauge and it was pegged hot. I try to pull over to a safe area but car eventully died and never started back up.:facepalm:

        Looking back, I think my timing was set wrong (on retard) which caused my engine to run hot. Once it got hot and built pressure, one of my radiator hose clamp was not fully tight as all of the coolant leaked out.
        I verified this by pressurizing coolant system.
        compression on cylinders are 90-90-90-20. probably seized the piston as well.

        It's all my fault. having a warning gauge would have been nice in retrospect.

        I'm gonna try to figure out where to go from here. maybe another SR or VQ.

        Definitely planning on keeping the engine stock as possible.


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          New Journey begins with built bottom end.

          Hopefully this engine will stay strong.


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            Sep. 2016

            Been busy with traveling and some personal issues..

            Managed to pull the motor out

            Found this! looks like it was resting against the turbo. Perhaps, that's the reason for overheating...

            Upgraded the hose from nylon braided to steel braided with heat sleeves.

            Mounted gt2871r

            Safety wired the elbow

            Ogura for added power

            Changed trans front seal along with couple gaskets

            Got the motor back in

            Still need to do alot more, but hopefully car will be running soon!


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              Oct. 2016

              Finally started the car back up.

              Had a welder weld in some bungs and intercooler pipe

              compression were all good

              some more minor work and it will be ready for shakedown!


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                Oct. 2016



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                  Oct. 2016

                  Swapped the valve cover with modified crank vent.

                  I got the idea from slider2828's thread but I believe I can use the rear port for crank vent, kind of like s14 setup. S14 valve cover definitely has advantage with sloped rear to push fluid towards the front vent but I believe this setup would work too.

                  If it doesn't do the job, I would have to source a s14 valve cover. This is cheapest method so might as well try.

                  I will report back after getting the aem ems tuned. Looking for a tuner right now..


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                    Nov. 2016

                    I opened the valve cover again to do the cam : jwt s4
                    Valve cover decided to crack. I think I over tightened the npt barb fitting.
                    Luckly, I had an extra valve cover but I had to have my welder weld in a bung for crank vent hose.

                    I then took out the maf and put in gm 3bar sensor along with gm ait sensor for ease of tuning.

                    Wired up 6 sensors (4 of them had to be lenghtened like picture) for Defi advance ZD. Hopefully this will save me from engine trouble in the future (knock on wood)

                    Mounted oil catch can and moved the intake down low.

                    Mounted gktech fan


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                      Nov. 2016

                      aem ems mounted and cleaned up some wiring. Really need to paint the floor..

                      bought a 2.5 lb fire extinguisher, hopefully I won't use it.


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                        Nov. 2016

                        Had the car dynoed at Natural Aspirations over the weekend.

                        Chris @ Natural Aspirations was a great guy and I would highly recomend him!

                        Happy with the dyno result. especially the torque.

                        keep in mind that my car still has a cat so Chris had to pull a lot of timing out. There was too much back pressure.

                        Mounted a new camera mount I got from ebay lol. super cheap! Can't believe I was using more expensive one that did the worse job.. this one is sturdy.


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                          Dec. 2016

                          Update from SOW CCW event

                          This time I went with Nexen SUR4 because I've never tried them and heard many good things. They handled great and did not get greasy as quickly as the rs3s.

                          Arrived at the track and signed up for Nissan Challange.

                          YouTube Video
                          ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

                          All of the work paid off and I had a problem-free day (almost) which is always nice.

                          Ended up beating my M3 time and also won the nissan challenge class 2.

                          I'm looking forward to next event! first I need to change my turbo gasket


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                            Dec. 2016

                            Originally posted by battery1882
                            yeah I'm tuning the car this Friday so hopefully s4 will perform well.

                            I used stock nuts and locking plate on the turbo to manifold side. I've had a lot of problems in the past using aftermarket headers where those back out, but with stock manifold, it should be good.

                            To drill the bolts, you just hold the bolt tight and use drill press.
                            It's funny that I'm quoting myself.. Well the manifold to turbo bolts, as well as, turbo to elbow bolts all backed out a little (heard from exhaust leak). This was going to be a tough battle against the heat and vibration.

                            So I decided to have the flanges welded. I wasn't comfortable with welding cast iron to cast steel, so heliarc_hustler handled it!

                            Also changed out the junk gasket to nissan 4 ply from s14 SR.

                            Started on the over fenders. Will update once I'm done!


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                              Dec. 2016

                              Installed overs / cheap mirrors and painted them. It was my first time painting alone with a gun; and there are alot of overruns. I'm happy it's one color

                              Prepping for laguna seca on 26th.. I hope to make it out there..