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2_Liter_Turbo's 1992 240SX Coupe

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  • 2_Liter_Turbo
    started a topic 2_Liter_Turbo's 1992 240SX Coupe

    2_Liter_Turbo's 1992 240SX Coupe

    This is my 1992 Nissan 240SX Coupe Base Model. On the old internally stock motor (with the GT3071R), I dyno'd the car on a Mustang Dyno, and it put out 342.5 HP and 334.6 TQ at the rear wheels. Full power was between 4k and 6200 RPM. The lack of more power is due to the horrible tune (I do not recommend Emance whatsoever!), and stock cams. I was under 11.0 AFR give or take a few tenths under full boost, and this is at 20psig. I like to do all kinds of driving on the car, which include but not exclusive to: Auto-X, Drag Racing, Drifting, and general Spirited Driving. At the Drag Strip last year's season, I cut an 11.95 @ 114.5 MPH with a 1.61 60 ft.

    Over the past year I have been working on a built SR long block to install in the car, and thought I was all done and ready for a tune. Well, it turns out that the ringlands cracked/broke so I have to redo the bottom end... yay. Not entirely sure of the cause just yet, but I'm sure I'll know more soon when I get the motor out.

    Below is the "mod list", but obviously some will change with a new bottom end (mainly the pistons of course):

    Under The Hood:
    1993 S13 v2 Redtop SR20DET
    Bottom End Balanced, decked, honed, and bored out to 86.5mm.
    86.5mm Mahle 8.5:1 Pistons
    Scat H-Beam Connecting Rods
    ARP Rod Bolts
    ARP Main Studs
    ARP Head Studs
    ACL Race Main Bearings
    ACL Race Rod Bearings
    Brand New SR20DE Crank
    Apexi Metal Head Gasket
    Supertech Dual Valve Springs
    Supertech Titanium Retainers
    Tomei 260 Duration Camshafts (12mm of lift)
    Tomei Solid Lifter Conversion
    Custom (made by yours truly) Rocker Arm Shims
    Megan Aluminum Accessory Pulleys
    ATI Crank Super Damper
    Full-Race Twin Scroll Manifold
    Full-Race/Garret GT3071R Twin Scroll
    Full-Race/Tial 44mm External Wastegate
    Full-Race 3" Turbo Elbow
    Modified Megan 3" Down Pipe
    Modified Apexi GT-Spec Exhaust (3"/3.75")
    HKS Intake Filter
    300ZX TT N62 MAF
    Greddy V-Spec FMIC
    Tial Q BOV
    Tomei Adjustable FPR
    Tomei 740cc Injectors
    Splitfire Coil Packs
    Earls Oil Filter Relocation Kit
    Earls SS Braided Turbo Lines
    Top Fuel Oil Catch Can
    NGK Iridium Plugs
    Westco Miata Battery
    Greddy Oil Pan
    Nismo Radiator Cap
    Mishimoto Radiator
    Circuit Sports Radiator Hoses
    Altima Electric Fans
    Megan Brake Master Cylinder Heat Shield

    Power Transfer:
    Kaaz 1.5 Way Clutch Type LSD
    ACT 6 Pad Sprung Racing Clutch
    ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
    ACT Streetlight XACT Chromoly Flywheel
    Nismo Engine and Transmission Mounts
    B&M Short Shifter
    Shaftmasters 1 Piece Aluminum Drive Shaft

    Handling and Grip:
    Complete 5 lug conversion
    Megan Street Coilovers
    Tanabe Chromoly Rear Sway Bar
    300ZX Aluminum Rear Uprights
    SPL Tension Rods
    Project Nissan Adjustable RUCA's
    Megan Adjustable Toe Rods
    R32 Skyline GTS-T Brake Conversion
    SPL SS brake and clutch lines
    ES Sway Bar Bushings Front and Rear
    ES Rear Subframe Bushings
    5 Zigen Typhoons 17x8 +27 Offset Up Front / 17x9 +35 Offset In Rear
    Kuhmo 235/45/17 Tires Up Front / Maxxis MA-V1 275/40/17's in Rear
    (For Drag Racing, I have a pair of OE Mustang Steelies with 26x8.5x15 Mickey Thompson ET Drag Slicks)

    Inside the Car:
    S14 OEM Front Seats
    HKS Turbo Timer
    HKS Fan Controller
    Hallman MBC
    Real S13 Silvia Manual Seatbelt Conversion
    Nismo Leather Shift Knob
    Emance Tuned ECU
    Autometer ES Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge
    Autometer ES Electronic Boost Gauge
    Momo Steering Wheel Hub
    Momo Mod 08 Steering Wheel

    Clear Turn Signals

    Here are a couple photos:

    Here is a video:
    Drag Racing My Buddy (12.3 Pass):

    I plan on replacing a lot of the suspension parts with SPL parts, and get rid of the cheap stuff. Also going to get more serious with the coilover setup as well eventually. For now, I need to get the motor where it is supposed to be, get the chassis stiffened up and straightened followed by a good set of tires, lol. I'm nowhere near finished with this car, but it's been coming along over the past 7 years, lol.

  • 2_Liter_Turbo
    Well, just before Christmas, I towed the S13 away and handed it off to my brother. That's a wrap on that chassis! From here on out, everything is solely on the S14 and the SR that's making its way in it. So I guess this thread will not receive any additional updates, to see the continuation of my 240 mischief, see the S14's build thread:

    Snapped a couple pics the morning I towed it to California:

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  • 2_Liter_Turbo
    Well, I will be updating the turbo, checking everything internally to make sure everything is good, putting a few extra upgrades, resealing everything, and cleaning everything up before putting it into the S14. Hoping to get the SR in the S14 before the March 11 event here in Arizona, but it all depends on time and scheduling. I'm also starting a new business, so I'm pretty busy, ha ha!

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  • Sleepy_Steve
    What are the plans for that SR that just came out? Placing it into the S14 eventually?

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  • 2_Liter_Turbo

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  • gills
    Nice work!

    Love your collection of Nissans.

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  • 2_Liter_Turbo
    Well, back to the S13, she is officially fully retired. Last night I pulled the SR out for the final time. The chassis will be sold to my kid brother to do as he pleases, so all of my 240 enthusiasm will be fully on the S14 from here on out. The S13 served me well over the years, but it's time to move on. This car has actually been the longest single car I've ever owned (2007-2016), which is saying something to those that know my car buying/selling habits! This exact engine has been with me for even longer as it powered my first 240 as well (2005), and it has approximately 210k miles on it (built around 200k). This is assuming the engine had 60k on it when I got it, ha ha. Who knows really.

    Anyways, this how I parked her the last time she moved under the SR's power:

    Last engine bay shot just because... it's dirty!

    Engine coming out!

    Engine on the ground ready for the stand:

    Engine is in it's new temporary home while it gets a full inspection and refresh where needed. It will also get insanely cleaned up (for those that know my level of OCD, ha ha):

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  • 2_Liter_Turbo
    Little dyno video I threw together, lol

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  • jr_ss
    Originally posted by Seraphim38 View Post
    Anybody have any suggestions for z32 transmissions? The first one I bought had a compromised bearing and the second one has a compromised fourth gear synchro. Fortunately the second one I bought has a warranty, but I find myself really wishing there was an aftermarket heavy duty z32 trans setup that could be purchased and then I could be done with it.
    If you want to stay Z32, either rebuild it (which is what I did, cost me about $750 OTD) or purchase the 98+ spec trans ($1800). They are suppose to have been built with better synchro material.

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  • 2_Liter_Turbo
    56 trim / 71mm compressor wheel (max flow rate of 53 lb/min)
    0.50 AR compressor housing

    84 trim / 60mm turbine wheel
    .78 A/R turbine housing

    Not sure if you saw my head flow chart, but I actually flow a little better than a VE head on the exhaust side, but a little short on the intake side. This is my ported DE head vs Stock VE. A ported VE would be a lot better, ha ha.

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  • Def
    What A/R are you running? Those are great numbers on a GT3071R on a DET head.

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  • 2_Liter_Turbo
    The turbo is a twin scroll GT3071R I bought in 2008 or early 2009. And when I bought the AEM, it was literally like within a week of the release of the V2. It's been a long build, I've been scraping together parts/money a little bit at a time, lol. I wish I had the disposable income to get all the latest and greatest, ha ha. Not saying you have that kind of income at all, just explaining why I don't have the more updated stuff

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  • Seraphim38
    ah from the looks of the turbo I may be wrong on the expected results: is that a GTX3071R, not 3076? If so, the results are consistent with what I would expect.

    Secondly, one of the cool features of the AEM EMS v2 is that you can tune the knock sensor to be sensitive to a particular frequency. With different motor configurations and sensors, you can get false positives. My old built SR with stock lifters, Greddy valve springs, Ti retainers and Tomei cams made almost no noise on my knock sensor. The new built motor with HKS solid lifter valvetrain hovers at about 10 on my knock rating scale. It doesn't really go above that whether it is idling or on the rev limiter. My tuner said I should sell my MAP based Power FC and get an AEM EMS so we could tune the knock sensor and go for 500+ on pump gas.

    Also, I just uninstalled my Exedy triple disc clutch (rated for 1600 ft pounds of torque. If you want it I will make you a deal!), and installed an ACT 10.5 lb lightweight flywheel and ACT Xtreme 6 puck sprung hub clutch. Man is it easier to drive than the triple plate, but the pedal is epic heavy (576 lbs of torque rated for a single plate).

    Anybody have any suggestions for z32 transmissions? The first one I bought had a compromised bearing and the second one has a compromised fourth gear synchro. Fortunately the second one I bought has a warranty, but I find myself really wishing there was an aftermarket heavy duty z32 trans setup that could be purchased and then I could be done with it.
    Last edited by Seraphim38; 05-05-2013, 05:16 PM.

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  • jr_ss
    I'm jealous... Now I have to finish my car.

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  • 2_Liter_Turbo
    Thanks! I have an Evo knock sensor, which is way more sensitive than the Nissan ones, but it's good to have in the right spot, lol (it was installed up near the head at the rear of the block). The car has a really smooth powerband, and I only have trouble in first gear really. This is probably due to me running a low pressure WG spring, so the boost in mainly controlled by the solenoid/ecu. I'll be installing a stiffer spring right before I get back on the dyno, so my boost comes on a little faster.

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