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A new one with love for suspension and corners :)

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  • A new one with love for suspension and corners :)


    My name is Martin and I am from Switzerland, much in love with the S-chassis.
    At the moment, I am taking a break from track days and road racing because I am pursuing other things that I enjoy in life like traveling.

    My last track tool was a Nissan Pulsar / Sentra N14 (europe Sunny). I bought it because it was cheap and the SR20 is very reliable in NA form. Another point was a stupid bet because a friend of mine told me that it is impossible to make this think corner as good as other FWD cars. That was an enough of a challenge for me to really dig into the N14 suspension and the platform.

    I reworked the front suspension with more caster, and improved roll center and modified the knuckle to reduce bump steer. This was back in 2014 and led to being runner-up in a small time attack battle on my favorite home-track.

    Cheers guys!