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H190 pinion shims?

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  • H190 pinion shims?

    Anyone know of a place that sells a set?

    Im putting 4.11 gears in a 3.90 carrier, and i dont have the right shims. I dont want to attempt to make them just yet, nor do I want to order one at a time from nissan for $20 each.

    Clearly i dont have the nissan measuring tool. Also no one seems to make an H190 rebuild kit, so i got all the bearing seperatly.

    The r180 and r200 also seem to use thw same inner pinion bearing, so those may be the same.


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    Did the new R&P come with the the pinion height shim (and side bearing spacer/preload shims) it was mated with in the case it was taken out of?

    If so, you can more than likely work with those and the ones in your case. If the 4.11 and 3.90 sets are similar in size (i.e. machined from the same stock size) you can probably make it work.

    I recently swapped out the 4.08 for a 3.69 in my R200. The taller 3.69 ring and pinions are much different, and physically larger than the shorter final drive sets (3.9+).

    Long story short, I ended up iterating until I got the proper height by stacking all different thickness pieces of shim stock at my work and gear marking compound. Then I ground down the pinion height shim that came with the 3.69 set to that thickness of my shim stock stack. I took off a substantial amount because they were so different (see thread link below)

    It was a PITA, but necessary process. Get yourself some gear marking compound and magnetic/vice grip dial indicator and just start throwing it together and see how the tooth pattern looks. That'll give you an indication immediately as to how close you are.

    See this thread here for a brief moment of what I went through:
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