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Earl's Performance Solo-Bleed Brake Bleeders (Interesting)

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  • Earl's Performance Solo-Bleed Brake Bleeders (Interesting)

    These were just posted up on the SE-R mailing list and caught my attention. Was curious as to what you guys thought too.

    I never had good luck/do not like the Traditional Speedbleeders with that red sealant stuff, but these actually look like something that I'd look into and or want.

    Anyone have any reviews on them? Only thing I'm skeptical on is the spring pushing the brass flare down strong enough to really prevent air from sucking back in.
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    i first got one of those when i build my remote clutch bleeder, and it didnt work at all. more fluid just leaked around the threads than came out the hose. that may have been because the female threaded hose wasnt deep enough tho. these bleeders take up more room than a standard one. something to think about

    also, i dont see any advantage to these vs the standard speed bleeders, except maybe they're harder to break from over tightening.
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      Been thinking of getting these for months.... looks like no one else has got them? I've only seen reveiws on the Russel and Russel-type speed bleeders and just one review (which was positive) on the solo-bleeders. Was thinking about getting them for my truck and cars.


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        The only way anything like this is ever going to work well is that the thread sealing process and the bleeding process are separated in the design. That likely means a body with the tapered seat to keep the fluid from leaking around the threads, but with a hole in the center leading to an internal stop/check valve with internal threads and stem packing that can be worked externally. Not simple.

        My one-man bleeding kit consists of a 20' long piece of clear tubing and a cup. I attach the tubing to the bleeder with the tubing looped above the bleeder so that the fluid will leak out around the threads rather than air leaking in. I put the other end in the cup where I can see it from the drivers seat. I then slowly pump the brakes until I see clear fluid in the tube at the cup end. I do all four like this while periodically checking/refilling the reservoir. It uses a bit of fluid but I figure it's good to flush while I'm bleeding anyway.
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          Speed bleeders need a fundamental redesign, this design is as bad or worse than the previous designs,
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            I just did some reading and saw a really good review with pics showing why these bleeders suck. I guess the brass seated into the bleeder valve when the dude tightened down the bleeder, completely trashed the spring and obviously wouldn't work at all with the brass piece stuck into the valve.... I guess OEM ftw.


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              best solution for one man bleeding is probably just a Motive and OEM bleeders.
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                I've had good luck with my speedbleeders? Hmmm. I don't bleed my brakes super often though.
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                  I'd invest my money in a power bleeder, surprisingly the harbor freight one works well.