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  • What would you re-do?

    So, having finally (re)built my S14, I'm driving it around and going over the odds and ends that need to be worked/ fixed. It turns out I've got a bigger list than I thought:

    1. Reskin the entire roof. Splicing just the sunroof didn't work so well. I wish I popped the entire roof off and did the entire skin from the pillars.

    2. Turbo coolant lines: Wish I did these with hardlines to the back of the head, and AN fittings on braided lines to the intake side coolant ports (tapped in). Yesterday I burned a nice crack into one of the lines by the downpipe, as it was close in a spot I couldn't see. Coolant on the downpipe sucks.

    3. Turbo oil feed: hardline to the back of the head. Get rid of some flex line. Just basically no flex lines around high-temp areas.

    4. Clutch/ flywheel: Mine is old and makes noise. Sucks. Should last half a season though.

    5. Bought the AEM EMS sooner. The car has never run so well in its life. The knock sensor function has saved my engine a few times already.

    There's a bunch more stuff. It's even more boring(er) though. Just thought I'd bring it up to get ideas rolling (and see if anyone has thought of something I might want to redo).

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    1) Sunroof
    2) Engine choice

    I have done the coolant return for my SR, which is one of the best mods evar. Otherwise, that would be on the list.


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      You gotta watch those turbo lines. I thought I'd be slick and run a heat shielded water line between 2 exhaust manifold runners. That lasted about 2 months of actual street driving. Now I went to -4 stuff so I can route it a different way. I'm super wary of anything carrying water, too. A buddy of mine lost his motor at Sebring when a water line cracked (actually a heater hose) and it quickly overheated. Do those flared hardlines with flex at the ends like you said. That way you can anchor the hardline part and everything should stay put.

      If I could do anything over again:
      - I would have never wasted my time with a Haltech. My ROM tuned ECU is 1000x better for what the car is used for; burninating the streets. If I ever make it to Sebring, I'd probably drag Enthalpy with me. Not that I've had any problems with it.

      - I would have never run HKS Step3 cams ever. Those f-ers are huge, idle like garbage, and require dual valve springs minimum. I wouldn't recommend them for anything but drag cars with serious power.

      - And the biggest one... I should have never tried to change the oil pump without pulling the motor and head! Never. Ending. Oil leak. That'll never pass tech.
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        1. spent all this time and money on a car that now looks awesome, but i'm afraid to screw it up. i should have just got a beater and put all the suspension on it to do track days. a track day car and keeping it a nice street car is freakin hard to do. i'm trying to do it, but i lean more towards track days so the paint is gonna get f'd up.

        2. after i got done painting, wetsanding, buffing, and the paint cured. i should have done the 3M clear bra. I think i'm still gonna do it. stuff is realitivly cheap if you do it yourself and it applies like tint.

        3. Done something with my exhaust tip. so it wouldn't have made my bumper black already.

        4. i rebuilt the motor long before i knew what i was doing, because i had massive blow by and thought the rings were gone. turns out it was probably just valve seals. i don't regret it now cause i won't have to touch it for a long time. just wish i was smarter back then.

        5. i should have done 17x9.5 +38 in the back

        Most PM answers: F 17X9 +22, R 17X9 +35


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          I would have spent more time on my wiring harness and bought an actual Calum real time ecu. Also a real down-pipe rather than the knuckle-dragging street sweeper I got for $80 shipped.


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            If I were to do it all over again, I would not have an SR right now. Nothing against SR.


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              Well since I haven't even gotten around to performance and suspension yet everything on my re-do list is of low priority.

              I need to grind the air bubbles out of my subwoofer box and add fresh layers of fiberglass.

              Re-install the rear interior side panels. (I put the seat back in first forgetting it had to go in last and have been too lazy to take it back out.)

              Cut the dust shield off my catco catalytic converter because it's rattling.

              Find out why my cigarette lighter fuse keeps blowing with nothing plugged in.

              Fix my drivers side Z32 E-Brake cable.

              Re-glue the fabric to my door panels.


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                I would have bough an rx7 instead of a 240... thats what i would have done instead of spending and making mistakes, now im deep poo. IN FACT amount of money im spending i could have bought a viper in 4-5 years every month payments and had a viper... haha.. but i guess its too late now

                Anyways I wouldn't have spend money on ALOT of things... wasted money on bushings now getting heimjointed arms, wasted money on maintenance, but will want to get ls1, wasted money on paint, could have just bought a better paint chassis, paint sucks, wasted money on the wheels i got could have had 17x9s instead just cause they were 'jdm skyline rims' bah, wasted money on the crappy dampers and springs i got, wasted money on well i dont know what else... ah well
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                  Originally posted by WilloW View Post
                  If I were to do it all over again, I would not have an SR right now. Nothing against SR.
                  Originally posted by 2Fass240us View Post
                  2) Engine choice

                  ... SR ...


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                    I need to fix the fibergalss front bumper that I bought for $50 and have had sitting around for like 5 months. Then I need to build a front undertray, brake ducts, intake duct, and radiator duct for said bumper not to mention design a mounting system that mounts the bumper very solidly. I need to re-build my KA (rings are leaking). Lastly I need to re-wire the car. I want to use the RHD harnesses to move all the wiring to the passenger's side, remove all un-necessary wiring, and move the fuseboxes to the passenger's firewall. These are projects that have been in the planning stages for months and I have most of the parts and supplies necessary to complete them (except for the KA re-build)! I have just been too lazy to actually do it.
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                      I would have never bought a
                      Too small and too slow. Should have just stuck w/ my old S13, or bought another S14.

                      I would have waited to buy the S13 I have now too.
                      I should have fixed the problems w/ the Miata before I bought the S13 too. I could have sold it a month ago if it didn't have that fat dent in the driver side fender.

                      I'm also having to fix all kinda of little things that the previous owner (a good friend of mine) didn't take care of...luckily Chaisit, his older bro (and builder of the car...also a close friend) is willing to help me w/ it whenever he has time.

                      Oh, and I can't wait for 225/50/16 RS2's to come in!!!!!!!


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                        I would have bout a 240 instead of the FD. Would have 8k less into the car, or that money would have went into the important stuff, like suspension tires and brakes. Now I am starting over with new chassis and selling the FD, and loosing out on a lot of money. Oh well
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                          Why all the SR regrets? Light, drop-in, zillions of parts available, proven to make good power. Only other motor that I think I'd rather have in a 240 (within reason) would be a highly worked-over VQ making at least 350whp NA. But it would cost a TON.

                          I'm glad I sold my old S14 and got a sunroof-less, rust free OBDI SE. Definitely annoyed that I got Stance coilovers, but there weren't any good alternatives when I bought them. Should have just gone the Koni Yellow route though. My turbo KA project was a fun first boosted motor, but it had lots of issues and cost more than it should have. I could have just done a bottom mount T28 or something and spent a lot less time and money making custom piping in my apartment parking lot.

                          Hopefully I won't regret the SR I've got planned, or the 8611s. I don't see why I would though.

                          At first I thought No Rotr was smoking crack, but thinking about it, I can see how you could regret having too much money into an expensive chassis. The 240 is definitely a great fun-per-dollar car, and while I love the FD and would own one if I had the money and space, it definitely doesn't offer the same value.
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                            Not sure why the SR regrets. I love mine. KA-Ts always have a tons of little problems with them due to the amount of custom work involved in them. Plus fabricating parts is a little fun, but nothing beats being able to buy off the shelf stuff that just works.

                            My only real regret with my car that was a complete waste of money was letting a shop touch my car. After wasting many hours and hundreds of bucks to learn that the average speed shop is just run by high school drop outs, and I know more than them 99.999999% of the time, I've just told myself if I can't do it myself, or with the help of a friend, it isn't getting done on the car. In the process I've learned that most stuff isn't hard, and it's easier to just learn to do it myself and then I'll know that forever.
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