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    What are your experiences with these devices?

    I am thinking of getting a beltronics sti... i heard good things about it, 500$USD but worth it... its undetectable by radar detector detectors even, 99.99% no leakage, even undetectable by the latest spectre mkiv and mkiv+.

    Reason is I got a speeding ticket that cost me 800$ + 6 points... gay.. and lately with the new 'street racing' laws it means they will impound your car if you are caught speeding over 50 anywhere.... really suckage... I thought it'd be a nice warning device to slow down... Like this morning for instance empty roads no one anywhere me coming to work, im going 140 and constantly hesitatant ready to downshift and brake.... not relaxing drive otherwise it'd be a relaxing drive... on ocassion it goes up to 150 (kilometer not miles lol) and i brake right away to 130 thinking crap there might be cops around or something... always eyes peeled out... really lame when im just cruising to work and no one's around... To me 100 or 140 makes no difference feel-wise... it doesnt feel fast or unstable lol... some people think going 130 is speeding too much and scary and that i should be shot... please... whatever... really pisses me off all the media hype.

    I also heard of the 'laser veil' thing... check the review out for it all:

    They test it out against a variety of different ones...
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    LOL. I used to go over 100mph each day on a back road. Its a nice stress reliever after a long day at work.
    140kph is 86mph
    I havn't used one for a couple years now. think i got more tickets when i had it.

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      Everyone I know that has one, relies on it too much and common sense goes out the window.
      Between rides...unless you count a WD21...


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        ^That's exactly what I did in the past more or less... until i got my first speeding ticket and now they can confiscate your car in canada and rob your bank while they're at it. So I just never go 180ish anymore... its a nice thrill after a stressful work day like you said haha..

        Hah you know how much the canadian government lost in traffic tickets in one day? 50 million dollars worth of tickets, cause on 'family day' they decided to drop all court traffic dates as a sign of good will. Imagine how much money they frickin make.. and when I look at the taxes they take from me from my hard earned money + the ****ty roads... I ask myself where does all the money go??

        I have good reactions and observation of what's around back and sides and front... but this one day (holiday that i was working + end of month = lots of cops) there was one farmland road i took that was in middle of no where, never cops there, and they decided to hide in the bushes... sad thing is, I saw them, I could have completely stopped even turned around and ran for it never to see me again, but I gradually slowed down until about a 100meters and just pulled over lmao... they looked like construction workers, which led me to realize i need a new glasses prescription (that was almost a year ago -- getting my new glasses this week). Now I try to never exceed 140... and go 130 max if there are other cars on the highway... 100km/hr speed limit belongs in the frickin 50s when the wheel was shaking left and right at those speeds in american brick mobiles and 50cc euro econoboxes.

        I wish we had the autobahn in canada... not to mention better roads generally speaking (always holes, cracks )... So I need a radar detector I don't want to risk losing my car to these money loving thieves... Can you believe they impounded a 83 year old a couple of months ago for 'street racing' lmao (he was going 150km/hr on the highway poor guy... then again 83 year old going 150 is kinda scary but LOL thats another issue).
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          The Valentine One radar detector got great reviews and it's less than the Beltronics one you posted. I don't have one though so I can't testify to how good it really is.