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How my Jetta GLI being sideswiped 3 times!!! Turned into an app

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  • How my Jetta GLI being sideswiped 3 times!!! Turned into an app

    It was like yesterday when I purchased my 2013 Tornado red Autobahn GLI. Brand spanking new from LIC VW in Queens,NY. There is nothing compared to the feeling of buying a new car. I had a 92 MK2 Jetta GL with GLI accessories in the past. Dropped on raceland coils and a straight pipe ( Yea I thought I was ) But owning a new GLI was dramatically different ( because it was boosted obviously). So I park in a nice residential neighborhood to take the train to Manhattan. In 2016, after a long day of work, I walked to the GLI driver side fender sideswiped. WTF!!! It felt like someone hurt a loved one. My first thoughts were, Did someone see something??? Look around, of course no one. When most of the residents are always home in that area. I paid out of pocket to get it fixed. I didn't want my insurance rates to increase. One year later parked in the middle of the block, driver side fender + door pushed in. (F**K that) Iím putting this through insurance. When going through collision coverage, the deductible cost me $1000 bucks. Call it bad luck, but it happens again in 2017. But this time they left a note. Finally an honest person in this world!!!

    It was the owner of the house across the street. I was parked directly parked across a driveway. Donít ever park across from a driveway. I thought to myself what if someone saw something. How can they let me know? Thousands of people own a Tornado red GLI. But I am the only one with my license plate. BINGO!!! Create an app where you can register with your license plate to receive reports. Pazi (which means lookout in Croatian) was born in 2019. I gave up my full-time career as an Art director to solve this problem. Why should we pay for damages that other drivers cause. We should be able to keep an eye on our cars when we are not around. Pazi is a community based reporting app where you can receive alerts about sideswipes, vandalism, headlights on, flat tires and vehicle stolen. I believe if you look out for someone else, someone will look out for you.

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