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Another track width question.

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  • Another track width question.

    So, my new setup is just about wrapped up and i figured I'd see if any of you have some experience tunning with track widths. I have adjustable front and rear LCAs. I am running a square 17x9 set up on 255s and currently, before heading to the alignment shop, my front track is sitting at just about 2 inches wider than the rear. The car will be primarily used for hill climbs so i was just wondering what your thoughts were on running a wider front track? I need to keep the front where it is at so that i dont have issues turning on hairpins under load, and I would preferably like to keep it in the oem metal out back. My rear quarters are rolled and pulled so i can extend the rear maybe .5 inches more....maybe.

    Car is an s13 making right at 370 to the wheels on 4.3 gearing btw.
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    What is the standard S chassis track width?? If you are on a square setup, the track width should change the exact same front to back (if all things being equal to include wheel offset front to back).


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      I run the exact size wheel & tire size you do (+22 offset) on my S14 with stock track width front and rear, and the car rotates extremely well. Still understeers just a hair on high speed corners, but oversteers slightly at lower speed. Obviously other suspension settings affect this, but the S14 has half inch more track width up front than the S13 and slightly less of the same increase in the rear if I remember correctly. So with your current setup, I'd suspect that it would have a tendency of oversteer if you're not careful. Really depends on how everything else is setup. You'll have to just try things out and see if you can adjust accordingly. (Personal Site)
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        My S13 always seemed to be biased towards understeer with the clutch diff - I say drop as much weight as possible up front, widest track possible, send it.
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