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Fuse holder or something else!!

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  • Fuse holder or something else!!

    So my cooling fans both have the typical atc fuse holder like this.

    I have had a couple of them melt due to poor connection and I'm looking for a different solution. I've looked at other fuse holders including anl but I would like to have the ability to change fuses quickly without using any tools. I've also considered circuit breakers either in the engine bay or in the cabin. I can't decide what I want to do and I am looking for opinions and ideas.url
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    I would recommend something like this with separate relays/fuses all enclosed into one. You can bring in your 12V batt, 12V switched, Gnd, and fan trigger, plus you'll probably have quite of room to grow for anything else in the engine bay.

    If your fans are smoking fuses/relays/connectors, I'd break it up in parallel across 2 fuses and relays so you're not hammering so hard on each connection. In this case, put the fans across two relays and fuses and you should have plenty of current capacity.
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