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Xcessive SR to VG adapter; flywheel spacer an issue??

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  • Xcessive SR to VG adapter; flywheel spacer an issue??

    So I am in the process of considering which adapter kit for a SR to VG. There are loads of adapter plates on the market. However, this is one particular kit I had an eye on (no machining of bell housing).

    Full Kit (no machining of bell housing, flywheel spacer)However, as you can see it has a flywheel spacer. I have heard all sorts of horror stories of what a spacer separating "could" do, but not seeing much of it being an issue if everything is torqued correctly.

    Is a flywheel spacer really that much bad thing (as in, will it greatly increase main and thrust bearing wear)??

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    Any off axis load will increase the moment beyond the last main bearing quite a bit. I'd say that's almost doubling the moment arm on any radial load.

    Is it a problem? Who knows - but it definitely isn't a good thing...
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