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VIS or Seibon?

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  • VIS or Seibon?

    Well, due to an error I need to get another hood. VIS and Seibon are about the same price due to shipping charges and where i'm at. I'm pretty sure Seibon has a slightly better rep. My last was a VIS and it was fine. What are your thoughts?
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    I had Vis on my Sil80 and have Seibon on the current car. I didn't notice any serious quality differences and both are relatively light for the price. Fitment was spot on with both of them and the clear on the Vis didn't yellow though it was only on the car a year or so before I trashed it.

    The Seibon is getting painted to match the car so no idea on it. I think you're safe either way you go.


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      They're roughly the same as the post above me says. If you're going to get a Seibon I can probably save you a few bucks.

      I have a VIS on my car now, and it seems to fit ok.
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        I've had both VIS (2 hoods) and Seibon (3 hoods) hoods and there is a big difference between the two. VIS is by far the better constructed. I used to be a Seibon guy but after trying VIS out on the last hood I bought I won't be buying another Seibon. The fitment with the VIS is perfect, clear coat has no orange peel at all, all the mounting holes line up perfect, and the striker is also really good. Even the packaging is far superior. VIS double boxes there hoods for protection, Seibon only has one, and with an item that size there is a good chance something will damage that outer box. If I had to compare the two it would be like comparing a Versa to a GTR. Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps.
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