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    Not sure if this is exactly what goes here, just thought I'd share some gauge pods I made.
    I dislike A pillar pods and all those other mount anywhere pods that people use, so i decided to make one that looked more like it belongs in the car.
    Since I didn't use my center vents for ac/heat, I found that to be a prime spot for mounting gauges.

    Here's the original one I made

    Then made a triple pod for a guy in the states.

    R32 GTR

    Dodge neon

    I also got bored and made my buddy a carbon fiber beer tap handle.
    used a jack handle to start with

    '74 コロナマークⅡ- The 'Mistress'

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    Damn those look pretty nice. I did something similar to a friends SC300.

    Im not really a fan of a pillar pods either.


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      Nice work. This is DIY at it's best.
      Peace, Jimmy J

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      '95 S14 Base 5spd
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        dude these look awesome


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          Great work man.

          Bet its painstaking process, but start a business out of that.


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            Yeah I think that's exactly what's supposed to go here...but just to be sure, make me one for my s13 so I can verify that it's really "composite" lol
            I am SKULLWORKS


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              Thanks for the compliments.

              Once I get back from my deployment, I'm going to be making some negative molds with some of these, getting some casting resin and make a few to sell.

              I've been planning on making one for the 13, i just need a dash to mock one up.

              The one for the R32 wasn't just work to the bezel like the others though. Because the space in the dash was so small, I had to cut away quite a bit of the plastic inside the dash to fit the gauges. Makes it a little difficult to sell another, but it is what it is.
              '74 コロナマークⅡ- The 'Mistress'


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                I saw some of those pictures of your work in the Zilvia fabrication thread. I like the S14 triple pod a lot.

                If you don't mind me asking, what is the general sequence of steps to make one of these at home?

                What I think it is:
                Cut / trim piece to accept required number of gauges / angle ring combinations.
                Supper glue / plastic cement
                FG mat
                Bondo / filler

                Did I miss anything in that list?

                Ball park materials cost for the FG mat, resin, and bondo?
                '95 240sx


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                  you pretty much got the steps.

                  fit the original piece
                  angle everything
                  cut what you need to
                  fit + angle again
                  glue visors in place- if using them
                  double check angle
                  base material
                  chop mat
                  resin jelly/duraglass
                  add glass and sand until you got what you're looking for.
                  glaze, prime, sand, paint

                  there's actually one thread on zilvia i posted pictures of each step. they wanted to know if anyone has put gauges there, showed them mine and they asked for the process so i posted the pics. Just don't feel like hunting them down.

                  prices all depend on where/what you buy.

                  i'll give you a few

                  cut/angle/fit... I didn't have the car here so i didn't have much choice on how to check fitment on these. I set them up on my table how they'd go in the car, set down around the hieght you'd be in the car, held up a steering wheel to check the clearance on the left gauge and marked everything and went at it.

                  by 'base material', i mean some kind of fabric (some people have their own preference on what kind). glue it down, it also helps to start you out with the basic shape you're going for.

                  resin and chop mat. lay it over the base material.

                  resin jelly and sanding until you get the exact shape you're looking for.

                  prime, wet sand and check for any minor things that need to be fixed before paint.
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                  '74 コロナマークⅡ- The 'Mistress'


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                    Sooo nice. You can hack up my dash if you ever make it to the south around MS. I'd like to have all of my interior looking sharp like that. Hell, I can have a spare dash or 4 on hand if necessary. LoL
                    Originally posted by Matt93SE
                    in engrish, it's all about the length of your shaft... :P


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                      Originally posted by Bubba View Post
                      Sooo nice. You can hack up my dash if you ever make it to the south around MS. I'd like to have all of my interior looking sharp like that. Hell, I can have a spare dash or 4 on hand if necessary. LoL
                      Thanks. If I ever make it that way, sounds like a plan. lol

                      Here's some more since I got back from the desert.
                      Skrappy's JZX110. Still in the process, just waiting on some texture coat to get here.

                      Also his car. I just helped him with this one, he wanted to do it.

                      and My wife's. Not a gauge pod, but still some molding. CD player use to sit where the din thing is going, but you couldn't see the display, so I moved it down.

                      '74 コロナマークⅡ- The 'Mistress'


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                        That's hot what size are those 60mm?


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                          ^Those are 52mm. 60 is a little too big to fit nicely in there.

                          Here are some more updated pics.

                          The JZX pods

                          Another for Dave's Evo III

                          '74 コロナマークⅡ- The 'Mistress'


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                            Those look awesome!! I went the cheap route & bought this for $12 off ebay, plus i has no skill.


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                              I just ended up putting mine on the dash. I can see them and so can the thieves.