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    Originally posted by Def View Post
    Yep, if you design this well, it can also counteract some ackerman steering angle, so your car can be livable on the street, but still be nice to tires on the track by not pushing the inside lightly loaded tire well beyond its normal load vs. slip angle ability.

    For the rear you generally want things predictable. The Japanese seem to have a strange obsession with passive steer rear bumpsteer designs, as it's been repeated many times. Yes, it makes the car more lively in light driving, but drive it hard and the car just doesn't feel stable at all. AP1 S2000 is a great demonstration of this. The car handles well, and feels great on the road at like 5/10ths, but take it on the track and the weird bumpsteer in the rear just makes the car feel unsettled on transitions.
    Yea the complexity of ackerman/toe/bump steer is even further complicated when you're talking about a car that has to behave on the street and track. Honestly, I think that's beyond my understanding at this point, but I can imagine a 'sweet spot' where you have a more ideal Fy/slip angle on the track (where you are really transferring weight), yet still have reasonable ackerman and static toe for cruising around town.

    So the S2K rear toes in in bump I presume?