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    Just now getting around to this. I have a z31 15/16 which is like a s13 with the integrated master. I decided to switch temporarily to a s14 since the external proportioner would be easy to remove.

    DO you keep or remove the white part and its assembly? What is the purpose of the white piece? I took it out, not sure if this was a good call. I can put it back if necessary.

    Did anyone figure out how to eliminate the s13 proportioning valve? I didnt want to be the first to try since z31 masters are kind of hard to find.
    1992 LS13


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      hi guys reserecting an old thread here would like some advice on this subject I have shimmed the prop valve to the maximum and still dont have enough rear bite I read in the first post you can remove the proportioning valve so do you take the complete internals out or do you leave anything in there?, will this then give 50 50 split? that then can be adjusted with a aftermarket prop valve and do you need to bench bleed the master after removing the prop valve?