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Bilstein conversion & R32 GTR wheel offset

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  • Bilstein conversion & R32 GTR wheel offset

    hi guys,

    i'm having some offset issues with my suspension and am looking for some guidance.

    the whole configuration consists of standard s13 strut housings with Mitsubishi 2000 GT bilstein inserts. i have used a 2.5" OD Eibach spring

    what i have found is that with the R32 GTR wheels the spring rubs on the tire.
    an 8mm spacer wasn't enough to provide clearance, however some bolt on 20mm spacers do. problem being the front wheels are now on the edge of the front quater.... call it a compounding problem

    i am running offset camber and caster strut tops also.

    i have read on another bilstein post that some tien ears were used as they provide a greater offset of the strut to wheel.

    what i was thinking was to take my current housings, remove the factory ears

    weld on some extended ears of XX??YY dimension and still have appropriate angles for scrub radius, etc within tollerance for a track car.

    does anybody have any experience with dimensions, etc i could start with for strut housing ear replacement?

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    you could always just slot the bolt holes in the existing ears


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      not quite enough room i'm afraid, also i forgot to mention i added a kmak alginment kit to the top bolt...... the problem is a sum of it's parts


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        Talk to PJ (Aceinhole), He's selling his front struts and he's modified them for extra clearance. I'm not sure how well this lines up with what you need so you can either buy his parts, or just get some information out of him.

        From another forum:
        Selling my Koni 8611's now that I've upgraded to blingy inverted monotube 28's. Strut inserts were new from 2015 Solo Nationals and swapped out in early 2016 when my other struts were finished. These come assembled with housings to fit a 315 but could easily be modified for other applications. Also included are adjustable top hats for an S13/S14 240sx, Ground control adjustable perches for a 2.5" ID spring, and low profile upper spring hats. If local I can work with you to adapt these to another application.

        Asking $800 for the pair.
        Edit: I guess he posted here too. Check his new thread in the classifieds

        I ran R32 GTR wheels on my S14 for a while and had no clearance problems whatsoever. You might be able to get enough room if you loosen up all the bolts and shift things around. Was the alignment kit to add camber (lower clearance) or add clearance (lower camber)?


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          Why not run a 1/2" (12.7 mm) spacer up front on extended studs? Should give you enough room if the 8 mm was close, although you don't really provide any values.

          You can always yank on the front fenders to get a few mm more clearance as well.
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            could work, i'd rather it just be right though,

            i'm no suspension guru but i do know i want the thing to handle well


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              I'm with the previous two posts..
              1. If the camber bolt placed in top of the strut was to add camber, remove it and use the camber plate to adjust camber.
              2. If you still need a small amount of clearance, just use a 1/2" spacer. I've used 12mm H&R spacers on my race car running 245 width DOT-Rs and minor aero for close to 10 years now. ARP studs, of course.

              Point is I've had no crazy wheel bearing/hub wear; everything works just fine.
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                i might just space everything out with some washers as a trial fit first, but that could be the solution, i have some un-used ARP extended studs in the shed