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New Universal Bilstein 46mm motorsports strut

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    Bringing this back because I'm planning on making a set of custom coilovers soon.

    First question, it looks like the 46mm and 36mm wound up being about the same price. Should I go with the 46mm in that case? Or the 36mm and save a slight bit of weight?

    Secondly, how do I go about determining the proper length/stroke to get?

    Edit: looking up a 1989 240sx on Monroe, I get the following specs for the struts:
    Body Length 10.000"
    Compressed Length 10.500"
    Extended Length 16.500"
    Travel Length 6.000"

    and the following for the shocks:
    Body Length 14.750"
    Compressed Length 15.125"
    Extended Length 21.500"
    Travel Length 6.375"

    Should I just get as close to that as I can?
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      IMO the 36mm I believe would be the better choice for an schassis from what I've seen for valving in the correct range, ive got a want to buy a pair to do an off the wall build with, but realistically the 36mm should be more than capable force wise, leaving the 46mm only to end up weighing more. Though personally I think the universals are a bit silly for an schassis when there are older coilovers in existence that will readily accept a Bilstein insert (plenty of options here from 3Kgt, and others sold without a housing) something like this should cost you less and be easier to get together, while likely also leaving you with an adjustable lower mount for height.


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        How would I get a height adjustable lower mount on the 3000gt inserts? Wouldn't I have to thread the body on a lathe to accomplish that? Which I could also do on the universals.


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          The housing the 3000GT comes in is not of sufficient wall thickness to thread, I'm talking about removing it from that and putting it into one of the JDM coilovers housings that can take a 40mm insert, I suppose finishing the thread on the UMS strut is possible, but I *think* the 36's use ACME thread, not sure how well that would go, and that would cost a good bit more, the UMS struts also seem to only be avail in linear valving, that's fine if it's what you're after, but usually most around are after digressive.


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            Ah, ok, that makes more sense. I have a set of fortune auto threaded mount fronts that would likely work but I'd rather not tear those apart since I could sell them for ~$500. I'd rather use my busted JDM Ohlins but those have a fixed mount and then I'm back to where I'd be with the UMS.

            Actually, having to fabricate the ears onto the UMS is a positive for me since I need to modify the ears anyway for more strut to tire clearance to fit 315s up front. And I guess I don't really need the height adjustability anyway so long as I place the ears right the first time.

            Basically I'm looking to spend about ~$2k and build the best setup I can on that budget. UMS with the dual adjustable shafts up front and ASNs rear seemed like the ticket. I think my best bet here is to call someone at a Bilstein dealer and get it all priced out. I guess I should also look into the B6 adjustible 10s.

            Any comment on my initial sizing question?
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              Anyone else have any updates they'd like to share?

              I'm very interested in pursuing something custom/different than the Koni 861X route and the robustness of the Bilsteins has me intrigued....
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                Core4 Motorsports
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                  Mine are still working great
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                    Originally posted by eage8 View Post
                    Mine are still working great
                    I know I'm late here but how did you install them? I imagine you posted somewhere in here?


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                      I built a set for a friend's B13 Sentra. Working very well so far.

                      Some pics in this thread:


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                        Im trying to get a friend to pick up an s13 for rallycrossing and ice racing. Anyone ever build a set of these for such a car?
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                          RE: S13 rallyx suspension

                          Originally posted by turtl631 View Post
                          Im trying to get a friend to pick up an s13 for rallycrossing and ice racing. Anyone ever build a set of these for such a car?
                          Contact JVAB in Seattle and get these.

                          JVAB Imports
                          2007 S. 126th St.
                          Seattle, WA 98168

                          +1 206 431 9696

                          They are the best bang for the buck and made to be indestructible. He has them custom valved to your setup and can get Bilstien goodies from the old country that the USA office won't deal with.

                          I did a RallyX down in the Oregon gravel pit and did a tarmac drift day with a set of these dampers installed on a fully sorted stage rally Murker X4Ti. They are awesome, can bomb through anything, and did well on tarmac as well (got to be patient for the weight to transfer with all that extra travel!)

                          Might be overkill for ice racing. A Koni twin tube in S13 OEM sized housings might be better for low traction surfaces vs the higher hysteresis of a gas mono-tube. Hell, bone stock suspension works perfectly on snow/ice.

                          More details here:,56526
                          Car build threads (stage rally S13 - Started out on 3KGT Bilstein inserts in OEM housings which didn't work well and were destroyed the first season, then upgraded to the JVAB kit):

                          Look through the JVAB web site galleries for his other fab work.


                          This is how he builds Bilstein Struts (doesn't use the kit in the original post and does it at a lower cost with much stronger and more serviceable housings. Costs for a full set of 4 dampers are usually around the $2400 range IIRC.


                          50mm vs 40mm

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