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S13 setup- opinions needed.

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  • S13 setup- opinions needed.

    I recently bought a 180SX PS13, which came with a horrible, HORRIBLE maxpeedingrods coilover. Bumps feel like my spine will shoot out the back of my neck, and I hate it.

    I was looking at HSD's, but found a thread here on some KONI 86XX's which instantly caught my interest, as I want quality suspension and a ride that won't smash my intestines.

    Thing is, it is a street car and I do want to ride it somewhat low. Not slammed, but a decent looking lowering. Am I nuts for wanting to make a dual height adjustable mount for the 86xx's, or can I go low enough and maintain enough travel on a normal single adjustable mount, like the ones Veilside180 made?

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    I think u can go low enough on single adjustable parts. You may have to sacrifice some travel to get as low as you want but on a street car you should be OK. My advice would be to get the housings, use them and your current setup to work out what spring length you need to maintain your current ride height. my guess is you will be looking at a 6 to 7 inch spring and that will still give you a bit of adjustment at the spring perch but do the math on it.


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      PS check out bilstien 3000gt setups, they aren't adjustable but based on the shock dynoing I did they are just fine for our cars and on a street car you likely won't care about adjustment anyway.

      They are also supposed to be more durable and they are cheaper.


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        I've been looking at the 3000's. Seem nice, and they're also more available and cheaper.