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Camber Plate Bearing Replacement

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  • Camber Plate Bearing Replacement

    My front left wheel is clunking during hard braking and ticking when I turn. The spring is also binding on that same corner. This seems to be the symptoms of a camber plate bearing failing. I already jacked up the car to shake the suspension to see if it was a wheel bearing or another part of the suspension that's loose. Everything seems to be snug.

    I have KTS camber plates that have standard dimensions of so many JDM coilovers. Those metric bearings are not cheap to replace.

    NMB MBWT-18 bearing......18mm ID and 33mm OD
    Monoball housing ..............33mm ID and 40mm OD

    I found a suggestion on a Subaru forum to use a cheaper FK WSSX12T bearing that has an 19mm ID and 35mm OD. This looks like a standard bearing that many US companies are using in their camber plates. Obviously I would have to have a machinist bore out the bearing housing to 35mm ID. That would leave the housing wall thickness at 2.5mm. Has anybody ever tried this or see any issues with switching to the FK bearing?

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    Turtl631 is selling some T3 camber plates, or was recently. Id go that route rather than paying for new bearings and custom machine work. They use common COM-10t bearings.
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      Looks like it's either buy new camber plates or be a guinea pig and report back. It's just insane how much more expensive metric bearings are compared to their standard counterparts.