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Rear upper control arms safe extended length

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  • Rear upper control arms safe extended length

    When setting up the alignment to go to the bias tires I have run into an issue of concern. With the car lowered I can't get enough rear camber out without really extending the RUCAs. How far do the threads need to be in their respective female inserts to be able to be safely operated?

    I am currently pretty well extended on the RUCAs and the stock "cam" bolts are maxed out. There is still -1.25 degrees of camber in the rear.

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    -1.25 isn't horrible for them, but would be nicer if you could go less.
    Typically, 1 bolt diameter is the min engagement standard. I.e. if it a 12mm rod end, you have 12mm of thread engagement.
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      Thanks Matt.


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        I was always told 1.5x pitch diameter but I also notice there aren't any nuts that are 1.5x pitch diameter for most applications. You should be fine with 1x bolt diameter or the full threaded area inside your arms, any more isn't adding to the strength anyway.
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          The first 6-8 threads do 90% of the work. I've read that you should target 1.5x the diameter min, as a rule of thumb. I don't sleep well at night with out at least 8 threads though...


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            Yea but this 1x - 1.5x distance expects the calculation to be for that size of bolt... in the case of a double adjuster that could handle 4x the load of the smallest threaded part, having 7 full threads engaged of 7/8" may be equally strong to 12 threads of the 5/8"

            But to prevent deformation or unnecessary bending, you should aim for at least 1x depth


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              For a lower strength female material, you want at least 1.5x the diameter (hence why head bolts/studs are so long). For female and male materials that are roughly equal in strength 1x diameter is usually fine as a conservative amount, and you can even drop down to ~0.6-0.8x the diameter depending on circumstances.
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