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240sx Track Day at Barber

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  • 240sx Track Day at Barber

    A couple videos from the Barber track day. This is an AWESOME track would definitely recommend it to anyone who can make it out there!

    I was really happy with the car, drove the car there ~ 250miles, put about 200 miles on track and drove it back home with absolutely no issues. The most intense mechanical work I had to do on the car was replace the wiper blades because it rained all day Sunday...
    The rain made for some very interesting driving and lots of sliding!

    Left the car on low boost ~ 10psi so around 230whp.

    This is a very technical track and I am sure the car had more in it, just need more seat time!

    Fastest dry lap:

    Fastest wet lap:


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    Barber is pretty much the in-between for Road Atlanta and AMP as far as speed vs. technicality. I haven't been in a few years, but I do love the track. The last time I ran there was in my S13 with no aero (stock silvia front/body) and on A048R's in the pouring rain. I pretty much had all of the corner workers entertained with a drift demo for the 10 or so minutes they let me out before shutting down the session because the lightning was so bad.