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  • My trackdays vids - Pau-Arnos

    I realize i have never done a build thread, and TBH i might never do it until i really have some time. Nothing that much special about the car, it is an S13 with most work focused on going faster for cheap, and by using suspension upgrades and settings more than engine power.

    Engine wise it has an euro CA18DET which got to 220.000km on the track last saturday, stock internals, stock head, gt2560r turbo, FMIC, freeflow intake and exhaust, a nistune and supporting mods. It runs on e85, 15 psi of boost, approx 300hp, maybe less that day as boost fell to 9psi at revs > 4500rpm.

    Chassis wise has the usual easy emptying, half cage, circuit sport rear suspension arms with ball joints (all of them), Z32 rear brakes, 5 lugs conversion, Keisler front suspension kit, fortune auto 500 coilovers (9kg front, 7kg rear), def 2 part front brake kit, and enkei rs3 wheels with 235/40/17 595 RSR on them. And an s15 torsen in the diff.

    Rear subframe was tweaked a bit to rotate it toward the front. Alignment setup is:
    front : -2 camber, 730" caster, 5mn total opening
    rear: -150" camber, 5mn total closing. Bumpsteer has been eliminated too.

    From tyre marking i could use less camber rear, but the bushes in the knucke start to bind a bit if i do. I have no problem putting down the power so it is going to stay that way. I seem to use the whole front tyres so i won't add camber there until i need it.

    I currently still have a strange pad knockback problem ( actually i have been chasing it for a long time and am quite desperate), so my braking is weak, and i got the car back with new tyres the day before the trackday, so lack in confidence. I recon i'd easily get 3 to 5 seconds faster with working brakes, and when i have the balls to enter the S and the blind downhill right hander faster. My best lap was around 1:37 that day.

    So anyway ...
    2 sessions that day from my car (sorry for the noise, the mirror vibrated against the gopro), these are full and uncut so you might want to scroll ahead

    The same first session viewed from a 550hp supra mk4 that had some handling problems

    A pic taken just before i overtake him

    And a funny vid from a lexus il200, that got properly left standing still by our 3 S13s
    (cats are a typical joke about how these engines tend to kill their crank and rod bearings when not properly maintained)

    Feel free to comment.
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    Nice vids!


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      My mother attended and she gave me some films she made. I love this short clip. Main straight, followed by the S and double right hander. The supra driver let me pass at the end of the double right, as he cannot shake me off, and it looks like i am making some nice flame at the entrance of the double right.


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        Thanks for the vids!
        '97 240SX - S13 SR20DET
        '17 Civic Type R
        '12 MDX - Tow Vehicle
        '04 TSX 6MT - DD


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          So, had a trackday saturday.

          Same track, different cam position, better sound filtering.

          Main changes from the previous trackday:
          -home depot vented hood
          -changed brake booster
          -added a PS radiator
          - 10/10/8.5/10bars compression test. 3rd cylinder on the way out ...
          -broke my back a week before
          -removed front ARB droplink as it really is badly designed in the keisler kit (it broke last year, replaced it and the ball joint got play in it a couple weeks after)

          overheat problems are gone;
          PS reservoir still puke => PS radiator was a waste
          Still have front brake issues, similar to what pad knockback would do;
          The car is very easy to control, even when it starts to slide or recover;
          I need more negative camber, or ... a working front ARB if it can do the trick. Got a 30mm hollow one, and 9kg springs at the front. No rear ARB.
          Finally my back hurts quite more now.

          I don't think i managed a better time than last year, still need to check videos but it looks like i am a couple seconds slower (last year my best lap endend up being around 1:34, not 1:37)

          There still was some progress, i stopped hesitating before and in the fast sloped right hander and floor it the whole way. The rear sometimes struggle a little bit for traction at the end of the corner but thats it. And i badly need to stop moving my hands like i would on the road.

          Anyway we got a nice weather, lots of different cars (S13/14,skylines, a 911 GT3 cup, a wesfield "megabusa", couple caterhams, elise, exige, legend cars, R5 and R11 turbos, civics, MK4 supras and so on) it was really fun

          Got a pic of the car and inboard videos (only 2 for now, i still have to process the others)

          The car:

          intro / arriving to the track in the morning with a friend's MR2 ( snatch OST in the background)

          First recorded session in the morning, no music

          Second recorded session in the morning, no music

          Will post the other videos when ready.
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            and here are 3rd and 4rth.

            lots of people on the 3rd one, had a lot of fun.


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              That's a cool track....

              Wait....there's Home Depot in France?


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                very cool track, lots of elevation changes, quite technical, beautiful ... bit dangerous on the S that follows the start line when the cones don't prevent people from taking the rightmost trajectory, but i love it.

                There are no home depot in France, but we have similar concepts. I doubt people would understand "leroy merlin", so i switched the name for home depot