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Fastest Lap Ever - Help me Improve!!!

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  • Fastest Lap Ever - Help me Improve!!!

    Hey guys,

    Just came across this thread and thought I would chuck up a video of my fastest lap in my local series. I have a 300hp 180sx with all the normal bits, have just upgraded to r33 gtr front brakes and softer coilovers all round, but haven't been out to put in some seat time with them yet..

    Here is my previous fast time, which is still 3 seconds a lap slower than the other s13 that is in my class. His car is basically setup the same as mine, but with about 50 more hp at the wheels and z221's, whilst I run Federal Fz-201's..

    Let me know if you have any tips or hints where I can grab some more time, but otherwise, enjoy the video!!!


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    Looks like a fun track! But a lot of room to improve if your co-racer is 3 seconds faster. It's always hard to tell from a simple video.

    That being said, make sure you aren't too far from the steering wheel, and your seat is snug and comfortable and holds you in place well.

    Your hands are a little busy. It looks like there is only one turn where you have to reposition your hands on the wheel. I don't think it's costing you much if any time, but it doesn't help you be any smooooother

    You seem to be driving it in a somewhat point-and-shoot manner. You want to squeeze (rather quickly) the brakes and throttle as you enter and leave turns.

    And turn the music off. This isn't "Iron Eagle" You want to focus on the car and not eminem. You need to be able to hear the tires, engine, etc


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      Yeah cheers man.. I cant really have the seat any closer due to my excessively long legs, i already had to take the cushion off the seat so I would fit with my helmet on!!! hahahahaha

      Yeah I think a big part of my issues are related to my lack of grip and thats due to the tyres not being awesome.. The guy that is 3 seconds a lap is faster is running 255 Hankook Z221's, which are considerably grippier it seems than the Medium FZ-201's that i run in a 225.

      Completely agree with my hands, it seems though that when i'm on track I'm skating out of every corner which is making my hands get busy, but hopefully that is fixed with the 1.5 way that I'm buying in the next month or so..

      And yes, the music.. Honestly I usually turn it off, but sometimes I forget and then once i'm out on track i forget all about it.. Again, completely agree with you about it..

      Thanks for all your help mate, i'll be sure to post in here again after my next meet where hopefully i'v taken some of your advice onboard and lowered my times..

      Also, if anyone here is interested, i'v come across the website, where you can upload your gps data and compare it to others from the track and whatnot..

      Here's my data from that video above..


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        That sounds like a really cool site... I'll definitely check it out.

        Tires are almost always the most important thing, so if you're going to put money into going faster, that's the place to start. With your power, more tire (larger and stickier) is going to make a big difference.

        A good lsd will be great too.

        For you, tires should definitely be addressed but I find that we can all improve how we are driving, even though it is easier to blame our equipment.

        You will notice a huge difference with tires though.

        Two fundamentals of driving to always remember are looking ahead to where you want to go and being smooth. Looking ahead is easy to say and easy to forget.

        Smoothness is more difficult to understand and more difficult to employ repeatedly. Throttle, brake and steering should all be fluid and squeezed (albeit quickly) and not jabbed.

        We should all be working to get better. Equipment is easy, consistent technique is ongoing.


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          You're a bit late getting on the throttle in some corners, and early in others. You also need to be a bit smoother with throttle application, in some cases you're all or nothing exiting corners, when most corners are going to call for a much more gentle application.

          Same thing with your turn-in, it seems like the car turns in really well, but sometimes you turn in like crazy then open right up. Make things smooth. You can build up the slip angle quickly, but if you're backing off rapidly right after building it up, you probably went in a bit much.
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