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Congrats to Jason Merritt!

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  • Congrats to Jason Merritt!
    Don Johnson (really!)
    Just so you know.

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    It was an awesome battle to watch.

    His first tour victory!


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      Awesome! 0.027 second margin victory
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        Second in pax! I can't find any details though... Jason - how did everything go???


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          Dallas in the evo didn't take his 3rd run because the fill plug in his trans fell out (lolwut) so Jason had it locked up before 3rd runs on the merit (see what I did there?) of his 2nd run.


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            This is awesome! I was actually looking for an update from him a few weeks ago. I REALLY wish he was able to keep us updated on the vehicle here on the forum

            Does anyone else have any info on the latest development on the chassis?? Really want to follow his work!


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              He doesn't have quite as much time to wholesale change the car between events now, so he can't make HUGE changes every 3 days. And apparently, just leaving things alone and driving it as is works better for him

              This is my editorial of course!

              This weekend is the ProSolo at Packwood so he's back up against the evo, but this time losing some launch time vs AWD.


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                Originally posted by e1_griego View Post
                And apparently, just leaving things alone and driving it as is works better for him
                Someone has been telling him this for a while....

                Seems like Lincoln is going to be interesting this year. Can't wait to see how the west coast guys stack up


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                  Congratulations Jason Merritt!
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                    So cool to see a 240 up there competing with so many newer cars. Keep it up!


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                      Congrats! Cool stuff.

                      Glad to see some DefSport parts are being used in anger and winning some trophies.
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                        Super cool stuff. I too had been wondering on Jason's build...looks like things are going well. Kudos!


                        sent from knee deep in snow


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                          Sorry for not seeing this earlier. Thanks for the congrats everyone!

                          The car did really well early in the season. 2nd place Sm at Crows champ tour, 1st place the next weekend at the Pro (by a mile, thanks to a redicously fast left lane time). 1st place at the Packwood Tour. I would of pax'd out #1 for the tour, if I didn't hit a cone. Would of been the fastest time of any car with doors as well... Blew up the diff at the Packwood Pro and never recovered... temps were too low to get heat into the 335's.

                          We won 8 tires total and elected to up size to 335mm mid season, which was probably a mistake... Nats was a disaster, car handled terrible on that concrete and everyone else was fast.