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Solo Nats, Good Luck Panda

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  • Solo Nats, Good Luck Panda

    Not sure who else is running there from here but good luck to you all.

    What the title says. Take it to em PJ and David.

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    Running right now!

    edit: Panda in 1st and 2nd after Day 1. Hawt fire!
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      '18 Chevrolet Volt - Electric fun hatch for DD duty!

      DefSport Koni Sleeve and Spring Perch Buy!!!


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        They are both beating SSM as well. aint thatta bish
        Originally posted by Jason M
        I have no chance to win without the Giken...


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          Thanks for the support! We're sitting pretty good, although we both botched faster runs and should be sitting another half second up (or more). I just hope it's enough buffer going into the "power" course tomorrow. After walking the course, it seems there's enough transitional elements to keep us in it.

          The big props should go to Jenna, who after spins on runs 1 and 2 came back for a near 4 tenths lead in SML! It takes a lot of focus to put in a quick run with only 1 run to go and no prior runs to stand on!

          Also, you might notice Panda is in SSM as well. Aaron Shoe, my east coast "rival" had his engine overheat and seize in the pro, so I let him drive my car as Jenna's "co-driver" in the third heat. It's fun watching the "Evo driver" try to adapt to Panda, which is just about the polar opposite in terms of handling/ ability from his car :P

          I'll have video later this week, and a better update of how our runs go. Hopefully it's all good news!


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            Good job to all our Nissan breathern so far at Nationals. (PJ, good job on leading the top of the board after day one. I know you're frustrated at your results this year ......finger's crossed it'll be a G-Fab combo win for you and Jenna. )

            And'd be right there too without the cone.

            Hard for me to root for one person or another as Eric Hyman is also a very good friend and fellow SM racer who races with me and allows me to co-drive his car..... I can only hope that one of you three are able to fend off the German and Mitsu assault !!

            Watching the race this year unfold has really made me twitch........ - last year being a year off definately I tuned myself out of the picture and only looked at results after the event ran. This year I'm feeling the real itch as part of my team went out solo for their first year in C/SP...and I spoke to them this afternoon and really felt bad for not being able to be out there for support and help.

            ....but what's more scary/exciting is that I'm already planning out the next "mods" to take the car to the next level so that I can at least run with Jason and Russell locally and hopefully Eric and then onto PJ and Dave and Mike S...... I KNOW what I need to do mechanically - just a matter of getting my finances in order job wise so that I can finish off the car and bring out a real car next time I come out to play with the rest of the NRR group (guys if you only knew the different thought processes I've had the past 2 months as to what project to work on, what route to take, what car to finish building etc. etc..... it's been eating me up a lot - but at least given me something to hope for and strive for....)

            Good luck tomorrow everyone, and hope to hear all the "war" stories and see video footage of the days....


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              Congrats! I was listening and David's crazy fast dirty times were putting me on edge. PJ really locked down some solid clean runs. 1 & 2 is a great way to finish day 1. Good luck tomorrow!
              Chicago Region SCCA SM # 688
              TSSCC SM # 688


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                Congrats to PJ, Dave and Jenna.

                I love seeing how much difference there is between Pro and Nat on whether or not the GTR can run away with it or have to play catch up.

                SM is definitely the place to be as far as I'm concerned. All the drivers I've met are great people, and the cars in the field are so diverse. 80's and 90's RWD, 2000's turbo AWD, Uber-Technical Supercar, and an XR4Ti of all things.


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                  solomatters on FB is reporting that the Panda broke for Jenna.

                  They say possibly broken bottom strut mount

                  edit: yups.
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                    Jenna gets 2nd in SML in a borrowed m3

                    Good job!!


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                      Looks like it's going to be a year to remember for the Panda!

                      I don't think the GTR can close the gap after day one, not at a autocross. The Pro solo is a different story...

                      At the Packwood National Tour, Russell & I were struggling with our car, and still had faster scratch times then the GTR, but it was on a 39 second course. A larger 50-70 second course gives more nimble cars time to pull away. At the pro solo, Eric had us by over two sec's on a pair of 25 second course's. We would have run him down and closed the gap with a larger course with more corners. That said, imo, the GTR is fair game in SM at an auto X, but not at the Pro solo. The GTR needs some sort of an AWD index to nulify the insane launches!

                      Wish I could be there, Good luck to everyone competing!


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                        Got it done!

                        Congratulations to you and and David!


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                          Great job guys and Gal.


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                            Way to go on the 1,2 Panda finish!


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                              Nice work! I've grown to understand when you are pushing parts this far, they tend to break once in a while. Great job getting it fixed in time and still having the wits about you to compete.
                              Chicago Region SCCA SM # 688
                              TSSCC SM # 688