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    Don, I'm running a 11lb flywheel. We launch the car at about 2500rpm at the Packwood site.


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      PJ, the car looks to accelerate pretty well in the top end of the powerband, but looks just a little sluggish below 4k. My power band with the small oem cams is more like an instant surge from 3.5k to 6k that slightly falls off near redline (7400). I can still break the tires loose @3k even with my 3.69:1 final drive when leaving a turn around.

      I'm currently researching upgraded drivetrain components in preperation of larger tires, and your recent info has me re-thinking things.

      What are you going to do about the R200 ring gears breaking? All of these reports of hubs shearing off also scare me... What about an R230 diff with the larger rear 300zx/GTR cv shafts, and outer hubs along with the larger 30 spline stubs???

      My current game plan is to just stick with the R200 (4:08 final drive and 315/335's), 5 bolt j30 driver side axle, 5 bolt 300zx na driver side axle, and oem Nissan rear hubs & bearings. I'm still not shure how guy's are running the 5 bolt VLSD output stubs in a non vlsd diff? I have two sets of 5 bolt stubs lying around though...

      I need to research hubs and bearings more, so I don't waste money on the 5 lug swap!


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        I'm definitely lacking in power down low. I have to double check my cam timing and see if I can't get it to work a bit better in the mid-range, and also check my ignition timing. For the most part, I'm just waiting to go to E85 since I'm still running pump fuel (93) primarily.

        For the hubs, I think it's just a matter of mine being ancient. 5 or so years of racing on the same hubs is probably asking a bit much considering how much I'm loading them. I've been toying with the idea of building a fabricated spindle that uses 350z hubs, since the outer splines seem to be the same as NA300zx. I'll see if I can measure up the hubs and bearings for physical differences other than the bolt patter on the bearing, but for the most part I was thinking it just gives me access to newer hardware (might be more 350z's in junkyards than 300zx's at this point).


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          I agree with PJ that the spindles and wheel bearings are a wear item on any car that gets pushed this hard. The ESP Camaros have to do the wheel bearings every year. The stock diffs on S2000s are pretty much a wear item as well. I'm gonna have a stock one on hand from here on out.
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            Originally posted by AceInHole View Post
            Aaron Shoe, my east coast "rival" had his engine overheat and seize in the pro, so I let him drive my car as Jenna's "co-driver" in the third heat. It's fun watching the "Evo driver" try to adapt to Panda, which is just about the polar opposite in terms of handling/ ability from his car :P
            So you're the owner of the panda 240. Small world. I'm friends with Shoe and Fineberg.


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              Originally posted by chau View Post
              So you're the owner of the panda 240. Small world. I'm friends with Shoe and Fineberg.
              Aaron did pretty well - his single run on Day 2 left him solidly midpack in SSM. I was hoping to skirt him, too....
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