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Thinking about SCCA, Novice class for newbies?

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  • Thinking about SCCA, Novice class for newbies?

    Hey all, I've been lurking around here for a few years soaking up the good info and think I might try something different. Ive been drifting for a little while, and recently started building a new chassis. I recently moved as well, which kinda puts my seat time on the back burner for drifting, as theres not a lot of events within reasonable driving distance. I've been thinking about getting into some sort of cone/road racing/track days, so get more seat time in, and better my all around driving skills. I think that sharpening up my driving skills in a grip oriented environment could also help elsewhere. So I'm wondering if I would be able to run my car at some of the SCCA events. I didn't know if there was any rules regarding what kinda of car a novice could drive at a event.

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    Autocross or track? Got any details on the build?

    Autocross, a novice can drive anything, class depends only on mods done to the car. Low threshold of entry, low-ish cost, virtually no safety equipment required, very low risk. Focuses more on low speed car control. Can be great for developing driving skill.

    Track, there are others on this forum far more knoledgable than I am, I'll let them weigh in.

    Also, Welcome. Try this place A driving school would be a good idea.
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      As cdlong said, AutoX is a run-what-you-brung group, as long as the car is safe.

      Safe means: battery securely mounted, nothing will fall off, interior has nothing inside that will fly around and hit the driver.

      Show up with a car and they will find a class for you to run, no matter how modded the car is.

      Club Racing/Time Trials/PDX (Track driving/racing)? it gets a bit more complicated. the safety aspect is stepped up a bit with the PDX and Time Trials, but it's still a run-what-you-brung group. They concentrate on getting a driver on track and teaching them how to drive. If the car is safe, they'll let it run.
      This is intended to be a building block for club racing as drivers learn how to drive a car on track, then eventually go to a full-on race car and get into club racing.

      Club Racing- completely different monster. Full cage required, racing license (including race school to get said license), firesuit, etc all required. cars are classed very specifically.

      you can build a 'drift car' that is legal and competitive in SCCA Club racing, but it will take somewhat dramatic setup changes between drift and road race to be competitive.

      more info on what you're wanting to do would help to point you in the right direction.
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      I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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        Hpde's (high performance driving events) are a great step up from autox. Run what you [safely] brung, not a competition, just drive bigger tracks (than autocrosses) and usually plenty of instruction and other beginners to share the road with.

        Setup wise, with all due respect, a well-set up grip/road race car should do just fine drifting.
        I don't change anything except wheels and tires going from one to the other. My approach isn't unique - taking with Rhys Millen's mechanic on a job recently who said all they change on his Hyundai is tire pressure. Identical settings from drift - grip.

        If you want to drift, look into renting a track or lot with a few buddies.

        It's what we do and the cost/minute of driving is amazing


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          I'll be making a build thread soon. I'll be honest, its been awhile(several years) since I've been behind the wheel. I really just want to get the car finished and go out and drive it. I'm not overly concerned with the type of racing, as I am just getting back in the hot seat.