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Wrote a letter in to move the 240sx to FSP

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    Yeah, I wrote a letter for that one when the draft minutes came out. Running in STX again almost makes me want to de-mod back to ST, and then I think about how much that would suck/cost.

    Side note, Didn't you say you had an KA built for ST just sitting around?


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      I did, and it's in the S13 STC car. I never quite got it to run 100% right though, the car was a mess when I got it and had to piece together all the emissions (surprisingly hard to do). If the S13 gets bumped into STX along with the S14 (seems like they're moving over the line as a whole) then I might try it with my old helical diff and 245's. I just need to find a non-HICAS subframe and convert the car to a base (or find a new chassis) to get rid of un-needed weight...