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    Originally posted by Def View Post
    I'd personally want the full rev range for passing on straights etc. People in lower HPDE groups are in general pretty bad on giving pointbys early in passing zones.
    If he likes the feel of the KA24DE, then that's part of the experience lol. Once he's fast enough in the turns to be continually held up by cars with substantially more power, then start cranking up that rev limit. And let's be honest, his motor held back by a rev limit still won't be "slow," relatively speaking.
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      Not slow, but I hate riding in a well driven novice car without much power. Both me and the student get frustrated at either not being pointed by and the lead car blasting away, or being pointed by and the lead car then blasting away.
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        Dabbling with my C6Z has definitely been eye opening...things happen fast and its a way more intense experience than say my previous KA24 S14 or even my S2000. That said, in an effort to not destroy a motor that costs more than my S14 I've been shifting a little early and I don't always go WOT down the entire straight since my brakes are a little marginal. But I still have the power when I want to pass, etc as Def said. It's fun to not have to wave off point-bys
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