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NA KA24DE oil cooling requirements?

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    Those are much higher temps than I saw with my ~320-340 rwhp SR20DET on track. I struggled to keep water temps lower than 210-215, but my oil temps would sometimes hit over 200 in the sump, maybe 215-220 peak on a really hot day, but I was having to pull out of it because water temps were going over 220. Before the oil cooler I hit about 245-250 in the pan a few times then would back out of it and they'd drop pretty quick, as water temps were also starting to spike quickly.

    I've got a plan for keeping the water temps under control in the future tho'... involves a lil' ~20 lb C&R jobber up front. Lots of weight up there, but having to back out of it because the car can't stay cool is lame. Might also end up going faster since it has an integrated oil cooler, so I might ditch the air/air cooler and lose all the drag that comes with it.
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      Originally posted by Matt93SE View Post
      Chump is having a lot of problems with management recently- at least in TX area...
      Recently, one of the 'partners' in Chump is now an ex-partner and started yet another league that's got even less BS.
      That's what I'm talkin'bout!
      Yeah, I'm very familiar with CC's management, but around here they're still growing.

      I definitely like the philosophy of WRL and the general intent of its rulebook, but IMO it needs some work. Open aero and bushings? No correction for FWD and AWD platforms, or fuel tank size?
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