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87mm stock built block. Hp holding

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  • 87mm stock built block. Hp holding

    So I'm going to be putting my sr20ve-t on the rollers soon. For general driving and track days I will have a conservative 350whp tune on e85. For my roll around feelings hurter tune I plan to stop the power @ 500whp on e85 with keeping it not bleeding edge. I'm running a BW S360 on a custom intake(2.5" IC piping with a blitz R core) and exhaust setup (equal length manifold t-4 housing 1.0 and 3.5-4" exhaust right off the turbo. What is your consensus as to what the stock block will hold? Its stock crank, eagle h-beams and 87mm cp Pistons. Any more info can be supplied I just don't want to split the block.

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    right around 500 is good. 600 is ok with that setup too. check motiveDVD on youtube they timeattack s15 making around 600.


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      I've seen split blocks at 500 and I've seen engines hold up fine at 600. I think it depends more on the tune and how well the engine was built. I'll be doing the same though, so we shall see! Ha ha. (Personal Site)
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