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wtb: dead s13 SR ecu

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  • wtb: dead s13 SR ecu

    I bought a Link for my 240 and I need an ecu case to stuff it into. Anyone happen to have a dead s13 SR Ecu kicking around?

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    Can't you use any Nissan ECU case from that era?
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      Maybe? Local yard doesn't have anything that old any more. I'm guessing the bolt pattern of the boards are the same, but hedging my bets and trying to find SR.

      I found a couple of stanza ecus for $15 shipped on ebay, might buy one of those and try it.

      The s14 pfc board is definitely a bit different, not sure if that's s14 specific or just the PFC itself.

      edit: found one for $12 shipped. On the way. We'll see if it works.
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