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FS - If this was your car, what would you sell it for?

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  • FS - If this was your car, what would you sell it for?

    So I started listing my track car for sale as a feeler but would really like to know from the experienced on this forum: If this was your car, what would you expect to sell it for?

    --97 240sx SE (zero rust issues and no other issues that would prevent you from tracking it today...heck, I'll even sell an 03 Tahoe, open car trailer, and SA2010 helmet for an add'l $6.5K and you can literally drive straight there)

    Great car that I've owned and built up over many years (long-time owner of the car and IIRC only the 2nd owner after purchasing it stock in FL). Thinking of selling simply to take up other hobbies.


    --Same gen SR20DET but w/ S15 turbo (all swap/wiring by CIP Motorsports / 240sxMotoring)
    --Power FC dyno-tuned by Dentsport (Haven't dyno'd in a long while, but last showed 240hp/260tq at the wheels @15psi on 93 octane, prefers a small mix of race fuel if you're really sending it)
    --550 cc injectors
    --Walbro fuel pump
    --Recirc BOV
    --Undersized (lightly) crank pulley
    --Z32 MAF with Apex'i intake kit
    --Koyo radiator
    --Greddy FMIC
    --Battery relocation kit, to trunk
    --Circuit Sports 3" exhaust, w/ test pipe


    --Gutted with a full cage (also put in by CIP/240sxmotoring). POR15 most of the interior
    --Driver's side: Sparco Evo seat (newer) on Bride adjustable rail, window and seat nets (not pictured)
    --Passenger's side: Sparco Evo seat (older) on fixed Planted rail
    --G-Force Pro 6-point harnesses
    --Driven steering wheel (removable)
    --Keyless ignition
    --Battery kill switch
    --STRi boost, oil pressure, water temp gauges
    --Incl. interior parts I took out that I still have (center console, headliner, speaker cover, and other small $ pieces.)

    Wheel Tires/Suspension/Exterior:

    --17x9 Enkei RPF1s
    --255/40/17 NT01s (life left)
    --ARP extended wheel studs
    --Hub-centric spacers (front)
    --Front suspension: (veilside180sx mounts) Bilstein shocks, Ground control camber/caster plates, H&R springs
    --Rear suspension: Koni yellow shocks, Tein top hats, H&R springs, Cusco RUCAs
    --Seibon carbon fiber/fiberglass hood w/ locking Aerocatch+ pins


    --Front: Wilwood Forged Superlite calipers, two-piece rotors (w/ BNIB spare rotors & some hardware), Defsport hats & brackets
    --Rear: Z31 bracket/Altima rotor setup
    --Hawk HT10s (on the car) and DTC60s (currently off the car)
    --Stainless brake lines

    FYI - The "244" numbers on the sides are just vinyls.

    97 Kouki SR 240

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    I'll chime in with my 2 cents.

    IMO, pluses are well sorted suspension/brakes/safety gear for tracking

    Negatives are relatively modest engine setup, and ironically the safety gear for tracking.

    Lots of dude bros that might be shopping for an S chassis are not going to want a cage. In fact it seems to actually drop the value on many cars because of the limited market.

    Looks like a well sorted car overall though, and would be a great alternative to something like the ubiquitous Miata for a DE car.

    I'd say value would be in the $8-14k range, dependent on how long you want to wait for a buyer and how much of a premium clean kouki S14s are bringing these days (I'm a little out of touch with that market). GLWS, looks like you took great care of it.
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      Kept a modest engine setup to stay reliable, but at least the ECU was upgraded to hopefully make it easier for tuning if someone wanted to go balls out. It definitely gets lots of comments on how clean it is and how nice it sounds (since it's also fairly low db). Definitely limited market though.

      The cage was a decent chunk of change.

      The wife has a miata pretty much this same green too, haha
      97 Kouki SR 240


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        Yea, looks like a great car. Unfortunately the S chassis market has gone less "actually drive it" and more "instagram post it" in the past few years, which is unfortunate for nicely prepped cars like this.
        '18 Chevrolet Volt - Electric fun hatch for DD duty!

        DefSport Koni Sleeve and Spring Perch Buy!!!


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          Appreciate it! The car is perfectly set up for instagram too, though I've never tried it. Very instagrammable if the buyer wants, lol
          97 Kouki SR 240


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            My valuation would be ~8-12k. More if you're willing to wait for the right buyer or if the car had more of that hotboy drifter stuff going on.