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    What makes you say it would easily outdo a SR20VE? What's the advantage of the QR?
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      displacement, head flow, lighter motor, 6 speed LSD trans bolts right up, dime a dozen. Keep in mind I'm talking about a destroked 2.2L QR, not the 2.5L.

      K1 Technologies is making the connecting rods for me. Should be done by the end of the month.

      With a factory QR20 piston the comp ratio would be right around 11:1. JWT will can/will cut a grind that will work well with the combination.

      We might end up doing an NA version of this motor in the future.


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        There is no doubt about the QR stuff, Clark really likes them. Shame they get such a bad wrap in stock form, as it's all easily fixed stuff that typically goes wrong with them.

        THe transmission options alone make it worthwhile. THrowing 3000 dollars with of gear into a crappy box still sucks. And even then most SR cases are crap as it is.
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          Clark used to hate the QR, lol.


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            motor showed up today.

            Z1 Motorsports has an 05 350Z harness and ECU w/ my name on it.

            Car is still out getting caged.

            Next pay check check will get a trans, VQ bellhousing, and I'll go ahead and build the mounts and get the motor in the car.


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              Will a 95-99 5 spd Maxima bellhousing work?
              I have a disassembled core tranny sitting in the garage if you want it. can ship all or none.. make reasonable offer.. like send me a 12 pack of local brew for my time and cover shipping costs.
              Originally posted by SoSideways
              I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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                IDK, I appreciate the offer. I know a 6 speed Maxima bellhousing works, so I'm going to stick with that. I get cost + 10% pricing on Nissan factory parts.

                Just FYI, 5 speed auto trans motors run a different oil pan, so I've to pick one of those up too. The 4 speed auto trans motors are the same as the manual.


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                  cage parts came in today.... gonna fit it up this weekend

                  I'm glad this project is moving along quickly


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                      There was a delay in the cage materials coming in. They are here now, but we have a few customers cars to finish up before we can start on mine again. Next weekend I'll be at the dyno with 2 cars to tune if we can wrap up the turbo install..... so my projects has to take a back seat.

                      Joe and myself both have full time jobs, I have to limit stuff that isn't at the shop at school to the weekends.

                      The motor is dissembled, cleaned, wrapped and on the shelf. Today the heads get stripped bare and put on work stands so I can start the port work.


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                        started porting the heads


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                          Here is the old SCC / Dave Coleman review of the QR25 -

                          "Despite its larger displacement, the new engine is 13 percent lighter than the SR20DE and over 20 percent lighter than the KA24DE. Compact construction means it's also 30mm shorter than the SR20."


                          "The cylinder head, on the other hand, flows exceptionally well--better than any SR20. "

                          RTR World Challenge Build -

                          MotoIQ/JWT build:
                          Part 1:
                          Part 2:
                          I was looking for the Dave Coleman article from back in the day where he theorized that and SR20 crank could be used due to the similar bore spacing and bearing journals to marry the high flow head with better RPM stroke but couldn't find it.

                          Looking forward to seeing how the QR22 performs!
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                            I've been thinking about going the other way and shoving a SR crank into a ka24de block...but I have a QR laying around also...
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                              the QR22 build I'm doing for my friend, Tom, is just waiting on the rods to come in and then the bottom end goes out to the machine shop.

                              He still has to get me a good head to port, and then it'll be buttoned up.

                              He's going turbo, so the pistons I spec'd out are 9:1, but he's going to run it NA to break it in and until he can put away the funds to get the rest of the turbo gear.

                              2JRacing (myself and Joe), are probably going to build a 12.4:1 QR25 we have laying around to go in the 1991 B13 SE-R.


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                                Big J you have mail sir
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