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Bolt-in cage for a G20?

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  • Bolt-in cage for a G20?

    I have a friend that picked up a '93 G20- not sure of the chassis myself- that he's planning to use for 24 hrs of LeMons.. He's looking for a cage for it. I told him to try to find an Autopower or some other "cheap" bolt in cage vs. spending $3000 for a custom cage..

    IO port has a listing for the B13 Sentra, but I have a feeling the G20 and Sentra are different enough it won't work. no listing for the G20 at all.

    Any other ideas for a bolt-in cage for these guys?
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    I looked into this a while back.. no such thing as a G20 bolt in cage.. Its why ours doesn't have one yet..

    I had called Autopower directly and the other cage builder (I forgot the name right now)
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