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    Agreed on all counts. Generally, there are provisions in the rules to allow for modifying the body to fit the cage like what I'm talking about, unless you're in a pretty basic class. i.e. SCCA Improved Touring or Showroom Stock. anything beyond that in SCCA has a pretty open cage rule, and anyone racing a Porsche in SCCA is going to be in one of those classes-- unless you're racing an old 944...

    anyway, yeah. IT cars aren't allowed to strengthen the chassis with the cage, but they're allowed to do things like trim the door frame "in the name of safety" to install door bars and such. A huge percentage of the time, the local tech guys will look sideways at you and then let it pass, as it's not worth sending a paying customer packing for something that really doesn't affect the performance and improves safety.
    .. But that's speaking in idealistic terms.
    I've seen a few cases of egregious rules violations (like a gusseted cage on an IT car), where the car was not allowed to race and sent packing because of the cage. But that's VERY few and far between once you get out of LeMons or Chump car and the cars are most often built by a handfull of local cage builders that all know the local tech guys.

    When I took my car in for my first annual tech, the inspector opened the door and asked "Did Greg Lucas build your cage? Looks like his work."
    "Yessir. had it done about a year ago by him."
    "Okay. I won't bother with crawling around then since he does good, legal work. Just need to give it a once-over and look for corrosion, then measure the tubing to say I did it."
    He spent about 5 min actually looking at the cage, and more time than that asking me about lugnuts, wheel studs, and the last time I replaced my bearings.
    Originally posted by SoSideways
    I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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