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    Stumbled across this site:

    My name is Craig Scarborough. I am a freelance journalist\illustrator who focusses solely on the technology of F1. I’ve been doing this for over ten years and I have followed the sport since the late seventies. Up until now my work has been published on the web through AtlasF1, as well as magazine work.

    I currently do not have a paid publisher for my work, so I am doing a ’best endeavours’ effort by self publishing through this blog and twitter. I am seeking magazine publishers who want a cost effective way to fill two pages per issue with an F1 technical feature.

    He has some great graphics that address the current happenings in F1.

    As an example here is his illustrated guide to the 2011 F1 regs:

    And images:

    and other images:

    Check it out!
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    I've known about this site for a while. Huge fan.
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