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VG Trans Kits for SR20: Xcessive or Mazworx?

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    Little update on the xcessive kit; I was playing with my car today and decided that I didn't want the transmission solid mounted anymore. So having the parts to put the poly-urethane mount I had laying around I got to work putting it in. After bolting the mount to the cross member I grabbed the spaces for the xcessive kit to move the cross member the correct distance away from the chassis, but things didn't go so well after that.

    Here are some pictures of the bolt with a washer, the mount and the spacer slid over, and how proud the bolt sits of the spacer.

    And here is the stock bolt through the stock s13 transmission cross memeber.

    This measurement is to the top of the threads, not the very top of the bolt.

    The other thing I noticed was the spacers aren't consistent in length either.

    Granted, like I said earlier, I purchased the kit second hand. So I can't be certain that these are in fact the spacers that come with the xcessive kit, but I got the kit from a trust worthy source.

    All in all its a pretty simple fix; the bolts that come with the kit have an under head length of 1.996", so buying some 10mmx1.25 bolts with an under head length of 2.500" will let you run a decent thickness washer while still having enough thread engagement in the chassis.


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      Thanks for the update! (Personal Site)
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        are those spacers supposed to be between the cross member and the chassis? For which chassis?

        I just got a trans second hand with an Xcessive kit and it didn't come with any such spacers, but it did come with a solid metal crossmember, which looks to mount directly to both the trans and the body of the car. I can post pics tomorrow. I am wondering if I am missing parts.


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          Yes, those spacers make it so you can space down the cross member away from the chassis and the transmission so you can run a transmission mount.

          Here is a list of what a kit has.

          1. 1 Xcessive designed SR to VG adapter
          2. 1 Flywheel spacer w/ new pilot bushing
          3. 1 New one piece drive line.
          4. 1 Starter
          5. 1 Transmission mount
          6. 4 Transmission mount spacers (for use with VG rubber trans mount only)
          7. 4 – 10m x 1.25 x 50 Plated fine thread bolts (for VG rubber trans mount spacers only)

          8. 8 – 10m x 1.0 x 40 hardened , fine thread flywheel bolts (black)
          9. 8 – 10mm hardened washers, for flywheel bolts
          10. 6 - 12m x 1.75 x 30 Flat head bolts (black)
          11. 2 - 10m x 1.5 x 30 Flat head bolts (black)
          12. 3 -10m x 1.5 x 50 COARSE thread plated transmission bolts
          13. 1 – 12m x1.75 x 65 plated transmission bolt
          14. 1 – 10m x 1.5 x 70 plated transmission bolt
          15. 1– 10m x 1.5 x 85 plated transmission bolt
          16. 2 – 8m x 1.25 x 30 plated starter bolts
          17. 2– 12 mm dowels

          I also found out that if you want to use an S13 transmission mount the two inner most holes in the transmission cross member need to be elongated so there is some "for" and "aft" adjustment otherwise the outer holes wont line up with the chassis.


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            Interesting. I am waiting for new front and rear seals to arrive tomorrow then my kit is getting installed.


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              My builder is finishing up my Z32 Xcessive installation.

              He reinforced the shifter mount in a low profile fashion, since he wasn't aware if there was going to be any clearance issues. Not the best photos since they were from my blackberry.

              Can't wait for it to get in and tuned. Maybe by the end of next week I will be at the dyno...


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                Very nice!

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