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  2. DE/DET->VE/VET parts interchangeability...
  3. vvl heads sitt'n there all sexy like - but everything is in the wrong place
  4. VE cams!
  5. We Might have Affordable VE cam options!
  6. Best place to source a VE head?
  7. SR20VET Dyno E-85 GT2868
  8. intake manifolds
  9. difference between P11 and P12 cylinder head
  10. VE heads
  11. Sr20ve block plate in the works
  12. Oil pump cover and pickup question
  13. Valve spring upgrade for VE
  14. p12 20v head solenoid
  15. VVL head torque specs
  16. VET compression numbers...
  17. Build plan
  18. VVL solenoids...
  19. Sr20ve rocker arms - where to buy?
  20. Finally got the car Dyno'd...
  21. It's on the road!
  22. How to tell if the VVL solenoids are on
  23. Sr20ve-t z32 q45
  24. VVL Conversion/Checklist