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  3. back door fmic
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  14. SR20 DET Dyno
  15. SR20DET white smoke.......
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  17. Light flywheel or not?
  18. Custom IC Piping, IAC Port, etc.
  19. Oil Catch can.
  20. My Failure Analysis
  21. Good turbo for quick response?
  22. High Mount Intercooler
  23. My new turbo set up with oil lick
  24. Monty's ever changing turbo setup...
  25. suggestions internals ka24de-t?
  26. SR20DE teardown - can we say detonation
  27. Weird problem
  28. Part throttle jumpiness
  29. For the drag racers
  30. Smooooothing out the SR powerband
  31. GT Spec or Greddy Turbo Outlet
  32. 3.5 inch dump......yay or nay
  33. Billet sr20 blocks now available
  34. Do not buy this turbo....
  35. Flywheel design?
  36. SR Volumetric Efficiency vs. Boost and RPM
  37. Spark Blowout Problems on Turbo KA
  38. What's Your Timing at 18psi?
  39. Brakes on boosted cars?
  40. Twin-Scroll GT28's?
  41. Springs vs Electronics
  42. 2860rs Disco Potato
  43. Engine cuts out at 6,500rpms WHY?
  44. Cams Budget baller.
  45. Profec B specII question
  46. E85 Thoughts?
  47. Side mount intercooler.
  48. External gate, increased flow?
  49. Twin Scroll Journal Bearing Turbo? KA-T ideas
  50. New EFR Turbos.
  51. Trying to make a choice on pistons... forging material question.
  52. Turbo opinions sought
  53. Sr20vet?
  54. New life goal - beryllium pistons
  55. kouki sr20vet build
  56. External Gate on Stock SR manifold.....want "safeness" opinions
  57. Ogura superchargers
  58. SR20DET intake mani for Red top vs. black top
  59. GT37 ? Questions on flange, specs, etc (turbo nub)
  60. High boost on internal wastegate?
  61. Max bore on stock SR sleeves, compression ratio for track usage
  62. Change rods for a track car?
  63. WAI & How much psi can handle a sr20det s14
  64. JGS400R external wastegate
  65. My pretty new Turbo
  66. DOHC parts on SOHC engine?
  67. E85/98 Aftermarket Flex Fuel Setup
  68. Gt2560R Whining.....
  69. high efficiency intercoolers
  70. HP expectations?
  71. Turbo causing rods to be rebushed?
  72. Spiral Locks and Piston Pins
  73. trying to plot
  74. Sr20det Resonance
  75. Fuel pressure reg whoas.
  76. Base Maps
  77. Behold flying dip stick
  78. Head work
  79. pros/cons of modding RB25 intake like this?
  80. Another cam thread
  81. Degreeing Camshafts Ka24de-T
  82. Blingified Freddy intake mani
  83. sr20det compression ratio q
  84. Track car piston to wall clearance
  85. Replace pistonrings
  86. GTX2863r Turbo from Sema
  87. Turbo Clocking question
  88. Best compressor wheel choice for GT30 turbine?
  89. No oil pressure on fresh engine Help!
  90. S13 sr20-VE build
  91. Sr20det rebuild check list
  92. Just a quick oil filter sandwich adapter question..
  93. A few SR questions.
  94. Quick question regarding turbo exhaust gasses?
  95. Water to Air Intercooler
  96. Water/Meth injection
  97. Sr20-vet cam trigger wheel
  98. E85 & No Intercooler...
  99. LS1 MAF on an S13 SR20det
  100. SR20VET Dyno
  101. S13 T25 SR20DET Compressor Map
  102. Garrett TR30R
  103. Back pressure sensor?
  104. SR20DET redtop build advice and opinions
  105. Sensor readings vs. Engine Performance
  106. Can anyone help me identify this Garrett turbo?
  107. "Rocket" Anti-lag
  108. Manifold/Turbo/Elbow anti Seize?
  109. Belleville washers?
  110. SR IACV Delete?
  111. Garrett/Honeywell Dualboost Turbo
  112. difference between the S15r turbo and disco potato
  113. So school me on the SR20DET..
  114. reducing boost by a/r size?
  115. Next step after GT2871R for an SR?
  116. My BorgWarner EFR Twin Turbo Project
  117. New Garrett housings
  118. blown head gasket & hello again
  119. Sr Water Pump Good or Bad???
  120. Oil Restrictor Needed For BB Turbos? ie GT2560R
  121. Plumbing Coolant Lines For A Water Cooled Wastegate & Turbo...
  122. The Garrett GTX3067R thread .
  123. Best bang for the buck pistons
  124. T2 framed KA-T AR question
  125. Any chance of a GTX 50/52 lb/min compressor ?
  126. Cosworth no more?
  127. What's wrong with my boost controller?
  128. You think you got lag?
  129. Which compression?
  130. Borg Warner s251 or s256?
  131. GT3071r + Billet Compressor Wheel
  132. Forged turbo lines for SR - worth it?
  133. Turbo elbow to downpipe studs/bolts
  134. SR20 turbo - custom oil fitting question - crush washer?
  135. S14 SR20 custom coolant lines for turbo
  136. Stock SR oil temperature on track
  137. Bend your brain noodles around this problem: Throttle matted, engine won't pull.
  138. Different Dynos
  139. S14 SR20 bucking at constant, high throttle
  140. Repurposing cheap China Crackafold
  141. SR20DET Smoking from exhaust
  142. -8 an pcv ? 1/2 npt pcv?
  143. differences in sr20det exhaust manifolds?
  144. Degreeing cams
  145. SR20 safe revlimiter with stock bottom end
  146. Air to Water Intercooler
  147. 3"/2" Comp hsng vs. "28R" factory style ?
  148. Confirming the block is cracked?
  149. Surge tank pump?
  150. EFRs - Wat do it do?
  151. SR20 top mount returnless setup?
  152. SR20VET td06 - low bottom end power
  153. Doc Race turbo manifolds
  154. Where to have greddy boost control fixed?
  155. Worth it to move maf near turbo?
  156. Heat shielding
  157. Turbo Spool Thread
  158. GTX2867R Turbine Housing
  159. S13 GReddy VSPL in S14 - Splash Guard and HKS SSQV
  160. SR20DET OEM Oil Separator / Catch Can Question
  161. GTX2971R and the coming GTW turbos ?
  162. Looking to "Upgrade" from my Twin Scroll GT3071R
  163. T4 twinscroll Powerlab Manifold
  164. Aluminum heat reflect sheet on IC pipes?
  165. Top mount small frame turbo?
  166. Idle problems SR20Det
  167. SR20 + ARP headstuds: to retorque or not to retorque
  168. cam timing and turbos
  169. NACA hood duct to cool turbo?
  170. Turbo lines - hard line opinion?
  171. T3 .61 twinscroll housing...
  172. Clamps for Vacuum Hoses
  173. Valve spring pressures for sr20det 260 tomei pro cams
  174. Injector grommet seals for SR20 top feed
  175. Greddy Intake Manifold Fittings
  176. Can an S14 SR play backup to a car running an S15 SR?
  177. Flowmaster universal catalytic converter
  178. Please School Me on Stroker Motors
  179. Motor swap opinions please.
  180. No spark #4. Suggestions?
  181. Turbo Inline space issues?
  182. Flex section in horizontal or angled area?
  183. Converting T3 Manifold to T4 or V-Band?
  184. 87mm stock built block. Hp holding
  185. Engine building tips and tricks
  186. ATP/ Garrett Polished housing quality
  187. No BOV issues?
  188. Retune for upgraded turbo?
  189. Titan/370/GTR coil packs
  190. Low Compression-What went wrong..?
  191. Road Racing a KA-T...
  192. Cam Choice Paired w/ EFR 7163
  193. Custom Plenum (Velo-stacks, TB size, short runners)
  194. Oil feed bleeding.
  195. Do I have a blowby problem? Redtop SR20DET
  196. Vacuum source and aftermarket oil line issues on GT2560R turbo
  197. A2A Intercooler core souce
  198. Turbo manifold - Stainless Steel (304L) or Mild Steel?
  199. New garrett turbos ! G25 550 & 660