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  1. OUt-of-Date FIA seat
  2. wtb: z32 ebrake assemblies and rear calipers
  3. 350mm steering wheel
  4. WTB: S13 BMC... any condition
  5. WTB: Z32 rear aluminum spindles
  6. Cheap rollin chassis for ITA 240sx. (gutted, no title, beater. w/e)
  7. WTB: S15 Subframe
  8. WTB: S13 non hicas subframe
  9. XS Engineering Power Pack ignition amp
  10. WTB S14 F and R stock drivers side seat belts
  11. WTB: Some s13 manual swap parts
  12. WTB: a pair of 400 or 450 lbs. springs. 8", 2.5" I.D.
  13. s14:need konis!
  14. WTB S13 T25 turbo... running condition
  15. WTB 2 255/40/17 toyo ra-1's
  16. WTB s-13 sway bar to frame bushings for 25mm front bar
  17. WTB: Z32 rear aluminum spindles
  18. WTB: z32 front calipers
  19. WTB: Z32 aluminum uprights
  20. WTB: Rear Z32 Brake Conversion
  21. WTB Ground Control sleeve
  22. WTB: 600.250.500 springs and 700.250.400 springs
  23. Used tires
  24. NEED: Shifter rubber metal thingy
  25. rear gc tops for s13
  26. WTB 95-98 S14-5speed Stock Exhaust Bracket to Trans-Mount Assembly
  27. WTB: 2.5" springs (main/tender), upper perches, and dividers
  28. WTB: GC springs
  29. WTB: S13 PDM style lip
  30. WTB: Set of 17" Enkei RPF1's, 5x114.3
  31. underdrive pulley
  32. NY: WTB R33 GT-R wheels
  33. WTB: M/T Brake Booster
  34. Enkei RPF1's 17x9 +22 5x114.3
  35. WTB: Beatup S14 SR valve cover
  36. Wanted Turbo
  37. NEED: S14 Distributor plug
  38. wtb: Rear S14 Pillowball Mounts
  39. Helical Diff
  40. WTB: NEEDED REAL BAD-- S15 output shafts
  41. Need: S13 steering rack mount brackets (S13 left hand drive obviously)
  42. WTB 2.5" 7"or8" 350lb springs
  43. WTB: z32 N/A or freddy diff cover
  44. Cheapest place to get 8611's?
  45. s14 diff back plate
  46. WTB: HICAS rack
  47. WTB Z31 rear caliper brackets
  48. WTB: Vorshlag spring perches.
  49. WTB: s14 used Ohlins, Koni or similar setup used.
  50. 300zx rear ABS trigger rings
  51. I need three times from a KA24E (As in 1989-1990 as in SOHC)
  52. WTB: s14 BMC plug
  53. Hotshot header
  54. wtb dual diaphragm brake booster (z32 or s13/s14 auto)
  55. S13 USDM Tach or gauge cluster
  56. WTB 4.3 ring & pinion assy.
  57. s14 headliner
  58. anybody make/sell MS3's?
  59. WTB/trade 10mm for 5mm-15mm spacers, z33 inner tie rods
  60. wtb rear upper pillow ball strut mounts
  61. WTB SR stock Radiator
  62. Bolts/Nut wanted for side flange to axles
  63. WTB: z32 upright conical ball joint bushing
  64. S14 front ABS hubs
  65. WTB: s14 rear lower control arms rlca
  66. WTB Complete GC setup
  67. WTB: S14 drivers side spindle (front)
  68. 15x7" or 8" alum wheels
  69. WTB: One 12x1.5 ARP wheel stud (100-7708)
  70. WTB: Big S13 List - Please Halp!
  71. WTB eibach sportline springs for s13
  72. Koni housings and 8611-1257's
  73. WTB stock sr20de cams
  74. WTB: Something off of a S14 SR20DET valve cover
  75. JDM S13/14 Front Calipers/brackets
  76. WTB 4.3 ring and pinion
  77. Vorshlag spring perch
  78. wtb: s14 compatible finned diff cover
  79. Looking for S15 Helical Ring Gear bolts
  80. WTB: Q45 ring and pinion
  81. wtb 450# springs
  82. WTB: S13 Misc. Parts
  83. wtb: S15/Nismo HLSD
  84. WTB: SR20DET S13 Redtop stuff
  85. wtb- s14 RUCAS and rear toe arms
  86. s13 abs
  87. Wtb caster camber turn plates and tire pyrometer.
  88. WTB possibly stock KA24DE injectors
  89. Wanted: Z32 aluminum rear uprights
  90. rebuildable S14DET block
  91. WTB: S13 HICAS Steering Pump
  92. WTB: Camber plates and Coilover sleeves
  93. WTB: Dash 2 or Dash 3
  94. WTB: Stock KA24DE Fuel Injectors (270cc)
  95. WTB: s13 KADE 5speed ecu.
  96. WTB N32 maf
  97. WTB: S13 fuel send line and fuel check valve
  98. Complete S14 stock
  99. WTB: Set of 17x9 Enkei RPF1's
  100. S14 extra capacity Diff cover
  101. S13 Front Fender Guards (Fender Liner)
  102. WTB Engine Mounts, Springs, Subframe Bushings, Sway Bar, H4 Housing
  103. S13 Floor Carpet
  104. KA24DE Head
  105. supercharger
  106. ka24de torque plate
  107. Need parts for swap!!!
  108. wtb s15 helical
  109. WTB - s13 drivers side mirror glass
  110. WTB: Rear Ground Control Sleeves
  111. z32 koni yellows
  112. WTB: S14 finned diff cover and 4.3 gears
  113. S13 hatch
  114. WTB: 92-94 J30 5-Bolt Inner CV Joint
  115. WTB:S13 Front Tension Rod Brackets
  116. KA24DE S14 cams
  117. WTB Trim around Climate Control for S14
  118. Looking for New turbo and used parts
  119. WTB: S13 Front Pumpkin bolts...
  120. WTB: Z32 Rear Aluminum Upright
  121. WTB - Z31 rear caliper brackets
  122. wtb: s14 koni 86xx coilover setup...
  123. WTB: 17x9 4-lug wheels
  124. WTH driver side seat belt and buckle S13
  125. 3" v-band clamp flange stainless and elbow
  126. WTB Tension Rods
  127. WTT 15's for 16's
  128. WTB S14 sunroof or sunroof delete panel
  129. WTB/T KA engine
  130. wtb s13 window power amplifier
  131. All-Season performance tires
  132. WTB or WTT RPF1's
  133. WTB/WTT: S14 lower mounts for KTS..
  134. WTB: 5x114.3 16x8" lightweight track wheels
  135. WTB Webber/Dellorto/Mikuni Sidedraft carb
  136. Fuel injector(s) 850-1000cc
  137. WTB Z32 Ebrake Assembly
  138. WTB: S13 distributor and coil
  139. WTB: Used 16x7 tires
  140. s13 front spindles
  141. 89-95 car with SR
  142. WTB 240sx (s13) Hood & OEM Exhaust
  143. Sr20det short block or long block
  144. WTB: S14 KA24DE Cams
  145. Externally gated OEM SR20DET (RWD) Exhaust Manifold
  146. WTB: a few SR20 parts and a few S14 parts!
  147. Stock; f/r LCA's. S14
  148. Z32 uprights
  149. WTB S13 ABS spindles
  150. Wtb z32 TT driver side axle
  151. Wanted: GC 240sx Front Coilover Sleeves; WTT/FS: Bilstein Sleeves/Collars/Top Hats
  152. WTB: S13 Diff Cover - finned larger capacity
  153. CT: WTB Z32 N/A or J30 finned differential cover.
  154. WTB: S13 SR20DE or S14 SR20DET transmission
  155. WTB: S15 HLSD with 3.6 FD
  156. WTB: Stock PS pulley
  157. WTB: Looking for LOTS of Stuff, Have a look.
  158. 15mm 20mm wheel spacers - slip on style
  159. WTB: S13 parts & T25 turbo
  160. WTB: pair of 8" X 2.5" ID 500# Eibach's
  161. WTB: SR20VE Head and S14 SR Short Block
  162. WTB S15 output shafts
  163. S14 Non-Sunroof Headliner Wanted
  164. Jonnie Fraz Strut Bars, S13 SE WHEELS, Star Specs
  165. WTB: S13 rear uprights (knuckles)
  166. WTB: Escort 9500ix GPS Radar Detector
  167. WTB: aeromotive fpr
  168. WTB: left turn signal/corner light for S14..
  169. S13 HUD Cluster
  170. S13 Wiper Transmission/Linkage
  171. WTB:SR20 PS pump and pulley
  172. WTB: S13 Front Hicas Rack
  173. Give me your sr20ve runners!
  174. WTB S14 koni coilovers
  175. WTB Koni 8610/yellow suspension, z32 upright, 4.64 final drive, z32 calipers
  176. looking for z32 rear brakes, and s14 tension and toe rods.
  177. WTF - Stock KA24DE Injectors
  178. WTB KA24DE Power Steering Tension Adjuster
  179. WTB: S13 driveshaft with ABS, SR20DET stock air box
  180. WTB Stainless Steel Brake Lines For S13 Stock Calipers
  181. Wtb s13 ka 91-94 ecu automatic or 5spd
  182. SR Non-HICAS PS pump/bracket/tensioner
  183. WTB OEM s13 RUCA's and Toe Rods
  184. Wtb s13 rear lower control arms.
  185. WTB: 0.64 A/R 53.6mm GT28 T2 turbine housing
  186. WTB SR CAS, S13 wiring harness
  187. WTB stock s13 diff cover, s14 diff bushings.
  188. Stock BMC
  189. WTB:Pulley Power Steering Pump
  190. Need coilpacks
  191. WTB: S14 Zenki ECU out of a Manual!
  192. WTB 500 & 700 lb/in - Springs
  193. Wtb Koni setup
  194. T28 Compressor outlet elbow
  195. WTB: 5-bolt diff output shafts/ stubs
  196. WTB: Stock S14 rear suspension arms
  197. WTB: S14 T28 Turbo
  198. Stock KA TB
  199. WTB: S13 front Koni 861x housings
  200. WTB: S13 Hotshot Header - KADE
  201. WTB t3 locking tabs and locking nuts
  202. WTB: Andy's (2Fass240us) Brackets for 350Z Track Rotors and Wilwood Superlites
  203. WTB: Stock SR sidemount piping
  204. WTB: S15 Helical HLSD output shafts, either style
  205. S13 ABS components
  206. WTB: Fan Shroud for KA24DE
  207. WTB: S13 Pillow Mounts/Camber Plates
  208. WTB: Kosei K3 18x10's
  209. Z32 tt driver side cv shaft
  210. z32 upright sphericals
  211. WTB: S14 Solid diff bushings
  212. Sr cam cap hardware.
  213. WTB: Blitz SBC id Display unit
  214. Wtb. Good s13 suspension. Heims
  215. Looking for S13 Ohlins coilovers
  216. Good track coilovers for s13
  217. WTB S15 Helical Diff with output shafts
  218. WTB: z31 300zx rear caliper brackets
  219. Axxis Ultimate Z32 Brake Pads
  220. WTB: NA Z32 R200 Finned Diff Cover
  221. WTB: Wilwood 120-11133 FSL
  222. WTB 1.5 way diff for 240sx
  223. S14 240SX Harness Plug
  224. WTB: Z31 300zx Rear Caliper Brackets
  225. WTB: Z32 rear uprights, calipers, 17/16 MC
  226. wtb: stock redtop 62 ecu
  227. WTB: Corbeau pass. side seat bracket and sliders
  228. WTB: Stance rear fork mount for Z32 uprights
  229. wtb; 180sx front calipers
  230. WTB S15 Helicoil diff bolts 38102-RS500
  231. WTB Koni housings / Zenki front bumper
  232. nissan s14 r200 ring and pinion 4.636
  233. Wtb: air oil separator for sr20det
  234. 3.692 final drive ratio from S15
  235. s13 Koni Setup or Richard's housings
  236. WTB Z32 Rear brake setup stuff
  237. S14 front hub nuts/washers
  238. Boost controller
  239. S13 ABS Actuator
  240. S13 HICAS front steering rack (or Z32 TT)
  241. S14 Rear Hub Assembly 5 lug
  242. SoCal: s14 subframe, rlca's and diff cover
  243. Wtb: 2 700lb 2.5" springs 7" tall (pair)
  244. WTB Aluminum BOV recirculation bung that most people chop off
  245. S13 sr20det "e5" stock ecu
  246. Wtb: greddy oil pan for sr20det
  247. WTB S14 Front Clip
  248. WTB S14 kouki master cylinder or similar
  249. 240sx manual transmission crossmember
  250. WTB z32 diff cover